22 SAS Massey, Andrew Christopher (Andy)

Paddy Mayne
By Hamish Ross
Bletchley Park: The Secret Archives
By Sinclair McKay, Bletchley Park

John Robertson

Staff member
Andrew Christopher (Andy)
  • UNIT
22 SAS (Commanding Officer)
  • RANK
Lieutenant Colonel
Officer of the Order of the British Empire
parent unit Royal Corps of Transport
born 18.4.1943 Carlisle,Cumberland
educated Welbeck College
graduated RMA Sandhurst
commissioned Royal Army Service Corps
7th Artillery Brigade (a transport squadron)
Royal Corps of Transport 1965
63rd Parachute Squadron,RCT February 1967 (Lt)
22 SAS 1970
served in Dhofar
HQ 16th Parachute Brigade (Staff Captain) 1974
Staff College,Camberley 1975
Staff Officer,HQ Northern Ireland 1977-79
awarded M.B.E. 1979
22 SAS (CO A Squadron) 1979
Lieutenant Colonel 1981
instructor,Staff College,Camberley (CRW Team)
Special Forces Liaison Officer,HQ C-in-C Fleet,Northwood 1982
US Armed Forces Staff College,Norfolk,Virginia 1984
22 SAS (C.O.) 1984-87
M.O.D. 1988
Deputy Director of Special Forces 1990-91
Operational Commander,UK Special Forces,Gulf War (Op.Granby) 1991
Brigadier 1992
Commandant,RCT Training Centre,Aldershot 1992-93
retired 1993
Defence Systems Ltd
Director of Welsh TEC
married Major Annabelle Cunningham 1977 (2 children) (also awarded MBE 1979)
died 19.8.1998 Hereford (drowning accident)

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