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    middle east commando historical research group

    middle east commando historical research group any one know what happened to thier archive?
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    C. Slark ww2 SAS

    do you have a service record?
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    LRDG TC Dwane LRDG....anyone know anything about him?

    just a request for a friend to see if anyone knows anything about a TC DWANE serving with the LRDG. photos?, book reffernce?...anything really....these are the only bits I have been told so cant supply any more info at moment but lets see what happens cheers phil
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    possibly a member of phantom?
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    anyone in contact with david Strafford?

    looking of rinfo on one lillian larcombe SOE, she pops up involved in operation tombola and can find no info so would like to ask Mr Strafford if he has come across her in his research. If anyone is in touch with him can you ask him to get in touch thanks phil
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    The SIG

    does anyone know of a roll that exists for the special interrogation group. or 1st Special service regiment?
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    OSS Looking for info on my Father....

    was he a jedburgh?
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    3 CDO BDE Tobruk raid

    grandfather was 50 middle east commando so Im interested too. I am guessing we are talking operation agreement
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    RAIDERS Who are these?

    possibly middle east commando. 52 or 51
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    SAS The sad Passing of David Eyton Jones

    Sadly David has passed on as I have just been told by Matteo over in Italy. I only met him once to discuss him memories of operation Tombola and have to say never have I met a more forthcomming and welcoming host. A true Gentleman and a very funny man. His sight was failing when I met him but...
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    lilian olive larcombe SOE? TOMBOLA?

    anyone know anything about this person who is allegedly SOE from 41-45 balkans, italy NW europe? according to her tombstone she took part in operation fire eater and op tombola with 2 sas. This is news to me as I have never heard of her. has anyone?
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    Michael Gurmin

    do you know which number commando he was in. my grandfather seems to have been in simmilar units at same time 50 me com and 1 ssr
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    sas museum what do we think

    seem to get alot of veiws on this thread but not alot of feedback. come on people. let us know even if you think its a bad idea. I want to know what folks think!
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    wrong details

    email john with corrections and he should update for you
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    A Squadron Photo

    have sent it to you using my other email address tim
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    A Squadron Photo

    I have a digi copy of it
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    sas museum what do we think

    I am looking more at cardiff, as it needs tourists and footfall to make money to stay open. it has good access from both london and hereford and is on the up as far as a tourist destination is concerned.
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    2 Squadron 2 sas photo on ebay 1945 photo for sale if anyone looking for a hard copy of the photo. seller seems a nice guy from the contact I have had
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    sas museum what do we think

    well we would probably need the sas on side first. Anyone have any ideas who would be the best person to contact?