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    RIP John Robertson

    Very sorry to discover, Craig, that your Dad has passed away. I haven't logged on for a while. However, I greatly appreciate the guidance he gave me as I pieced together the story involving my Uncle, and I'm sure he would have been pleased to know that I eventually uncovered the actual events...
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    14th INTELL Swift, Alan David

    As a regular visitor to the Ainsdale area, I recently visited the grave of Lance Corporal Swift in St Mary's Cemetery. Unfortunately, the Cemetery does not have a layout plan, and the Gate Lodge is often unattended, making it difficult to locate graves within the Cemetery especially as the Rows...
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    RAF SPECIAL DUTIES Baxter, William Allan

    We have returned from Holland after visiting the National Military Museum in Soesterberg where a painting of my late Uncle, Sgt William Allan Baxter, who was killed along with 6 other crew members in Operation Gerrit 1, has now gone on permanent display. We also visited the Cemetery in Gilze to...