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The Men Who Persevered: The AATTV
By Bruce Davies & Gary McKay
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    SAS Frank Hughes DCM 850427 2 SAS

    Hi David, You can apply for his service record [as a General Enquirer] but would cost £30 and it also depends on when he died,if its over 25years then the full B199A can be released, if less than 25years [unless immediate next of kin] then very little in the way of information can...
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    21st SAS news letter

    And is that you given a very brief mention/ introduction on page 8.....??
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    Wearing of Grandfaters SAS tie

    Hi Chris, It all depends on how its percieved by others at events, such as on remembrance day. I assume no one has asked/challenged you about being a fomer member of the Regiment when you were wearing the tie ? I completely understand your good intentions....Medals are different as...
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    OSS Help Identifying Possible OSS Member

    Hi Eric, The Parachute wings he has on 'his right breast' are Canadian, and i suspect underneath his medal bars is The Caterpillar club award he should be able to be researched considering the reason behind his award of this prestigious...
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    PARAS Robert Kiltie Gray

    Hi Linda, Information relating to Bertie.His Remains were later repatriated back to the United Kingdom where he was given a second military funeral He now lies at rest at the Holmston Road Cemetery in Ayr Scotland Section ETA grave Number 1907. Kind regards David
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    SAS 1 SAS Tpr Robert Dunn

    Hi Del, Yes you can apply for his service records but you will need proof that he is deceased, and if you are not family/NOK then it will cost you £30.00..non refundable if search reveals nothing. It is a very long waiting time just now for service records, I'm at 7 months just now on 2...
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    PARAS Robert Kiltie Gray

    Hi kiltie1, You can put a request into the Regimental Journal 'Pegasus' and ask your question there, have you tried to contact the Regiment, if he was KIA over there then he will most definitely have been documented and details kept on...
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    RAF SPECIAL DUTIES Trying to find surviving crew of JP162FS-S August 4/5th 1944

    Hi Rosemary, I found this site: kind regards, David
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    RAF SPECIAL DUTIES Trying to find surviving crew of JP162FS-S August 4/5th 1944

    Hi Rosemary, This link may be of use in your search? I will look further and see what i can find out at this end. kind regards, David
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    SOE Gavan (Garry) Bernard Duffy, SOE Albania

    Hi, I have reference to him in the Nigel West book 'Secret War' he was part of a small group parachuted into Northern Greece on the 17th April 1943, intending to walk across the frontier. Garry Duffy who was with the Royal Engineers, and a demolitions expert (according to the book) this was...
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    SAS L Detachment and 1st SAS Regiment 1939 -46

    Hi Paul, If you are sure of his army number then you can request his Military records from Glasgow, this is where all Military records are held. This link will take you to the site and follow the instructions on their page. Any problems then PM me...
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    Force 133 in the Aegean

    Hi Mike, Possibly the best place to start your research is to obtain your father's Military records, which will be held in Glasgow, all military records are held here. This link will explain and you can print off the required paperwork. Any...
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    Esmer Partridge

    Hi, I found this link, but you may already have seen it? kind regards, Dave
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    Michael Gurmin

    Hi Sam, Just looked at a book i have, titled 'The Middle East Commandos by Charles Messenger 1988, page 102 mentions their Depot was at Geneifa, which is Egypt, pages 16/17 have more detail and states that MEC began to form during the first week of August 1940 at Geneifa. kind regards, Dave
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    1 SAS in Scotland February 1943

    Hi Ian, I think it was Mid-February 44, and he was promoted to Staff-Sergeant on rejoining the Regiment at Darvel, he was then promoted again to WO2 and made SSM of the newly formed D Sqn.Apologies for stealing your thunder, but had Gentleman Jim on my study desk when reading your post, thanks...
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    Ronald Shallcross

    Hi Kim, Welcome to the site. You can possibly apply for his Military records which are held in Glasgow Scotland (all records held here) this link will explain the details etc. If and when you find out more of his involvement with SOE, the...
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    Levant Schooner Flotilla

    Hi Ian, Very interesting about your Uncle and his time with The Levant Schooner Flotilla'. I have the book 'Dust Upon the Sea, and there is a photograph of Walter standing just outside the Galley onboard L.S.9, there are also other images of LS9 including one with Jellicoe sitting on board...
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    Don Campbell Morrison

    Hi Bruce, I have the book SAS Rhodesia by Jonathan Pittaway and Craig Fourie (ISBN 0-620-29347-0) It has your father in several parts of the book along with awards and Regimental photos. The book is pricey and i obtained it from Jonathan, but i think copies can still be be obtained from the...
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    SAS Helicopter Crash Falklands

    Hi, Depends which one your looking for, there were more than one. South Georgia and the ship to ship transfer ? With largest single loss of life 'SAS that is. Kind regards, Dave
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    1 SAS in Scotland February 1943

    What an excellent photo, looks like it was taken at Darvel, Ayrshire ? in one of the disused mills taken over as billets for OR's. Only about 3 or 4 Maroon berets visible, the rest were probably stalwart 1 SAS desert veterans, who took time to convert to maroon?? Maybe best to get in touch with...