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The Secret Hunters
By Anthony Kemp, Prince Yurka Galitzine
The Last British Dambuster
By George Johnny Johnson
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    ARMY CDOS Haig-Thomas, David

    David Haig-Thomas David Haig-Thomas dropped with 6 Airborne Division in the early hours of D-Day as a liaison officer. He was killed in an enemy ambush, shortly after landing. Two young Fench boys later recovered his body, and took it to a farmhouse near the village of Bavent. I have always...
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    ARMY CDOS Hooper, Owen Gerrard

    Owen Gerrard Hooper Owen Hooper died in the assault on Flushing. In an attempt, under machine gun fire, to enter a house by hitting the door with the butt of his rifle he triggered a boobytrap device that killed him. He was a member of a fire support team, but nevertheless volunteered to make...
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    ARMY CDOS Chitty, John Albert

    John Albert Chitty John Chitty was one of two members of C Troop No 4 Cdo to drown in the final rehearsal for Exercise Brandyball which was carried out off the Cornish coast, near St Ives. In attrocious conditions, the Goatley boat that he was in capsized. My late uncle, Sgt Donald Martin, was...
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    ARMY CDOS Martin, Donald Hugh

    Donald Hugh Martin Can anyone help me to trace the citation for his MID, please? You can e-mail me at