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    FSSF Roll, Finn W.

    Finn W. Roll Amazing story
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    CHINDITS 1944 Dallosso, Martin Edward Anthony

    Martin Edward Anthony Dallosso my dad george lloyd was in the same 2 Bn Leicestershire Regiment (16 Bde) god bless all who died . my dad made it home he died in 1984 . i have letters from the war in india from my dad he was in the rest camp on july 3rd 1944. back from burma .
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    PPA Rogers, Arthur (Spiv)

    Arthur (Spiv) Rogers cheshunt is not far from my home town totteham north london
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    US PARAS 2 Lindskog, Jameson Lynn

    Jameson L. Lindskog god bless you our heros
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    US PARAS 2 Feldhaus, Dustin J.

    Dustin J. Feldhaus aim sorry for your loss god bless you and your familey
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    US PARAS 2 Burgess, Bryan A.

    Bryan A. Burgess another hero goes to god god bless him and his familey
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    Comment by 'robbie1' in media 'F. Adamski'

    iam so sorry god bless him and his familey his a hero
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    CHINDITS 1944 Allmand, Michael

    Michael Allmand just a few miles from where i was born iam from tottenham haringey. my dad was in burma 1944
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    CHINDITS 1943 Fergusson, Bernard Edward

    Bernard Edward Fergusson well done great job god bless
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    CHINDITS 1944 Faulkner, George Vermilyea

    George Vermilyea Faulkner thank you and god bless
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    CHINDITS 1944 Weatherly, Walter

    Walter Weatherly my dad was in the same bde 2nd Bn Leicestershire Regiment
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    CHINDITS 1944 Blaylock, Stanley

    Stanley Blaylock god bless him
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    Comment by 'robbie1' in media 'H.L. North'

    my dad was in the 2nd Bn Leicestershire Regiment god bless
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    Comment by 'robbie1' in media 'Harry Oates'

    god bless
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    CHINDITS 1944 Hickson, Aubrey Ernest

    Aubrey Ernest Hickson good job well done god bless
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    CHINDITS 1944 Lawman, Ernest William Edward

    Ernest William Edward Lawman i think thease brave men desreve some comments well done and god bless you
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    CHINDITS 1944 Wingate, Orde Charles

    Orde Charles Wingate god bless
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    CHINDITS 1944 Chandler, Thomas Joseph

    Thomas Joseph Chandler very good eddie your grandad is a man to be proud of god bless them all. my dad was in the same 16 bde
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    how do you add images to this website :)