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    Comment by 'Craterface' in media 'Edwin Cullum'

    The original photograph is date stamped on the reverse side, 3rd April 1944. Taken at Betta Photos Ltd, 84/86 St.John's Road Clapham Junction SW11.
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    SAS Vickers, Harry Cedric

    Dear Janet, sorry for delayed reply. John has sent me the photo. I have yet to reply to him, which is remiss of me. Sincere apologies and thank you so much for all of your help. My cousin and sister are astounded by what you have provided.
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    SAS Vickers, Harry Cedric

    Dear Janet, I have just found this web-site, after years of trying to discover more details of the death of William ("Billy") Holland. He was the gunner who was with your Dad and was killed in the attack on Chatillon-sur-Seine. Do have a look at his photo, which was taken on 3rd April 1943. He...
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    Comment by 'Craterface' in media 'W. Holland (memorial)'

    Thank you for posting this photograph. "Billy" was a much loved "Brother" of the Cullum family that he and his father lived with in South London. At the start of the war in 1939 aged 16 years he was described in the Census as Milkman's Round boy. All of the Brothers signed up at the same time...