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    EOD Platel, Francis Vittery

    Date of capture confirmed by ICRC as 29 Apr 1941 at Kalamai, Greece. Arrived at Oflag VB as POW on 16 Jun 1941, transferred to Oflag VII D on 28 Jun 1941. Transferred to Oflag VI B on 11 Oct 1941. Finally transferred to Oflag IX A/Z on 30 Aug 1942 and remained in that camp until his death in...
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    EOD Linley, Brett George

    25130109 SSgt BG Linley posthumously awarded the George Medal, LG 25 March 2011, Issue 59737, Page 5641 Laid to rest at Wythall Cemetery, Wythall, Worcestershire. RIP
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    EOD Kirby, Ronald

    10596446 SSgt Ronald Kirby of Ammunition Wing, 625 Ordnance Depot RAOC was proudly laid to rest in Wayne’s Keep Cemetery in Cyprus. RIP
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    EOD Howard, John R.

    24305257 WO2 John Robert Howard had previously received a Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct for EOD actions at Haggs Mine, Nenthead in 1983. Laid to rest at Burton Dassett churchyard, Warwickshire. RIP
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    EOD Hills, Roy E.

    23687477 Sgt Roy Edward Hills was killed in a follow up operation to clear a late night mortar attack against Kitchen Hill Barracks in the centre of the town of Lurgan. Laid to rest at Grove Park Cemetery, Lewisham. RIP
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    EOD Gritten, Barry S.

    476528 Captain Barry Stanley Gritten killed in the early hours of 21 June 1973 while examining a large find of homemade explosives found in a Nissen hut near Lecky Road in Londonderry. RIP
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    EOD Garside, Edward

    23487353 WO2 Edward (Gus) Garside, killed alongside Cpl Cal Brown at Cortreasla Bridge crossroads, near Fords Cross. Laid to rest at Chepstow Cemetery, Bulwark, Chepstow.
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    EOD Furminger, Richard A. James

    24391791 Gunner Richard Amos James Furminger killed a month before his 20th birthday when an IRA landmine exploded in a culvert under the road near the border in Armagh. The team were returning to their base in Lurgan as part of an EOD team convoy travelling along the B115 Kilymaddy to Armagh...
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    EOD Davies, Colin J.L.

    22205720 WO2 Colin Jack Llewellyn Davies was tragically killed by an IRA device in a furniture showroom on William Street Lurgan.
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    EOD Culkin, Joseph Anthony

    SSgt Joe Culkin was posthumously Mentioned in Despatches in recognition of distinguished services in Cyprus during 1956. Laid to rest in Wayne’s Keep Cemetery in Cyprus.
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    EOD Crawshaw, J.C.

    James Graham Crawshaw was Mentioned in Despatches for service in Northern Ireland LG 17 December 1973, Issue 46155, Page 15025.
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    EOD Cracknell, Christopher Robin

    Tragically killed alongside SSgt Anthony Butcher in the same incident outside Grosvenor Road RUC Station on Grosvenor Road, Belfast.
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    EOD Calladene, Bernard C.

    Major Bernard (Bernie) Charles Calladene posthumously Mentioned in Despatches in recognition of distinguished services in N Ireland during 1972. Laid to rest at Fulford Military Cemetery, Fulford, York.
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    EOD Butcher, Anthony Stephen

    Tragically killed alongside SSgt Chris Cracknell in the same incident on Grosvenor Road, Belfast. Laid to rest at St Patrick’s Cemetery, Leytonstone.
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    EOD Brown, Calvert William

    Calvert (Cal) William Brown, tragically killed in the same incident as WO2 Gus Garside at Cortreasla Bridge crossroads. Funeral was at St John the Baptist Church, Stockton. Regards JB
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    EOD Brammah, Allan Norman

    Allan Norman Brammah, laid to rest at Rosehill Cemetery, Cantley Lane, Doncaster. Regards JB
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    EOD Beckett, Ronald Francis

    Laid to rest at St Paul’s Churchyard, Hereford. Regards JB
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    EOD Adams, Keith Frederick Alexander

    The QUEEN has been graciously pleased to approve the award of the George Medal in recognition of outstanding bravery in Northern Ireland during the period 1st May 1977 — 31st July 1977: 23687207 WO2 Keith Frederick Alexander Adams LG 12 December 1977, Issue 47405, Page 15575 Regards JB
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    EOD Platel, Francis Vittery

    GM awarded for action at Masara Egypt whilst serving with 8 BAD at Tura Caves. Recommended for action following ammunition explosion within cave gallery. Shortly after this incident, Platel transferred to No 4 Advanced Ammunition Depot in Greece and was captured there on or about the 1st...