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    Michael Gurmin

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any information on a Michael Gurmin? Maybe Michael Howard Gurmin? I understand he may have been an officer in 1 SAS and maybe in SOE? Also why stationed in Syria (Cheka?) Any info would be appreciated. Cheers, Sam
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    Use of photos from this site in books

    Hello all, I was in WH Smiths today and casually looking at the History books and I picked up Gavin Mortimer's new book "The SAS in World War II: An illustrated history" and I was extremely surprised to see it contained three photos that I have posted on this site. The photos are from my...
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    SAS Dairy preview and lecture by Gordon Stevens

    This is scheduled for the 10th November at the Royal Armouries, Leeds. See the website for details Ticket prices includes donation to SAS regimental association. I'll certainly be going! I've just realised in the title I called it the SAS Dairy! and not Diary! Don't know how to...
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    SAS diary

    how do we get to see this then?
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    X Craft information

    Hello all, I've been looking at my grandfathers Naval Service record and its apparent he was attached for about a year to the X-craft training base at Port Bannatyne (1942/1943). I've been reading a book called "above us the waves" which is an excellent account but I was wondering if...
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    Interpreting X lists

    Hello - I have been trying to interpret the X list from my relatives service record. I have used the information that is on the web to understand the relevance of the Xi, Xii nomenclature but I'm still not fully clear on all the details on the form. The are a lot of codes in there to do...
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    Dizzykate - please make contact

    I have just noticed your comment on the photograph. I have sent you a message - I'm not sure if you will get it but I would be very interested in making contact. Sam
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    L detachment raids Gazala and Tmimi Nov 41

    Hello I've been interested in these L detachment raids on Gazala and Tmimi for a while now. In the books I've read it suggests that of the 50 or so men that took part in the raids, over 30 never returned. However I can only find reference to 5 men as to actually being killed on those...
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    Fred Senior - 1 SAS

    Hi all, I've just begun to try and trace the military experiences of my grandfathers brother Fred Senior (number 2696965) who was killed 15th Jan 1943 while serving in 1 SAS in North Africa. I was wondering if anyone could help me with any information they have or any tips. I'd like to...