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    Operation Canuck

    hello. I am the daughter of Gordon ’Lofty’ Rose. He was in 2 SAS when he was 18. He is mentioned in Hahn’s book and also the book Rossano by Major Gordon Lett who led Operation Galia. My father remained close friends with the villagers in Rossano and Sero his whole life. Our holidays always...
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    Comment by 'Caroline Rose' in media '2 SAS (3 Squadron) group'

    Gordon ‘Lofty’ Rose is 3rd from the right at the back. In any photos he is always wearing his goggles. a Guernseyman he joined up at 16 so very young in that photo. And yes he was 6ft 5 inches. I am his daughter. He remained close friends with his Italian resistance friends and they were part...