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    22 SAS Arthy, John Leslie (Lofty)

    Poem to Lofty Lofty, skiing swiftly down the hardened piste, we shared the frozen morning together. The still air, a hillside clothed in heavy drapes, the amphitheatre to our progress. At Tanny*, perched on screes above the reservoir, we checked the guide for yesterday's routes: Orang Utang...
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    Comment by 'climbwhenyouareready' in media 'T. Swierzy (Memorial Stone)'

    Tony That April day we snailed our way up Tower Ridge, brushing powder from holds and belay placements, scratching cramponed boots on grey-iced slabs to traverse above Echo Wall and reach Great Tower in twilight. To breach Tower Gap in darkness was too much for me, but whatever your...