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    Major Tyrone Chadwick

    I know him from 2RRF He’s a fucking fantasist.
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    22 SAS Whistler, Andrew John

    I served with Andy Whistler in 2RRF. Fine officer, he whooped me at squash many times.
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    22 SAS Labalaba, Talaiasi

    Met Laba 1968-69. Smashing guy.
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    SAS Selection

    Can anyone tell me is SAS selection a straight forward pass or fail or are successful applicants graded A,B,C etc. I always thought it was accepted or not accepted.
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    Major Tyrone Chadwick

    Does anyone know or know of this guy "Major Tyrone Chadwick"?
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    22 SAS Danny the Rat

    Does anyone remember Danny the Rat served during 1970's?
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    22 SAS Davidson, H.S. (Darkie)

    Met him in Borneo 1966 he was working with Iban Trackers
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    Eddie Stone

    Hi Isobel. This might interest you. http://www.special-forces-adventure-...ir_Service.htm It appears that the link doesn't can find it on Google
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    Does anyone have info on the following.

    Ignore my last. Question answered.
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    Does anyone have info on the following.

    Eric A Skyes and William E Fairbanks. Both are credited as being martial arts instructors to the Regiment during WW2. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    SAS graves Hereford

    St Martins Church in Hereford. It is situated on the corner of Ross Road(the A49) and Holme Lacy Road.
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    Comment by 'shehamore' in media '22 SAS group,Malaya'

    The guy in white tee shirt facing camera I think is Pete (Abdul) Walker.
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    Selous Scouts

    Sgt Head Wuranda holder of both the "Bronze Cross of Rhodesia" and the "Silver Cross of Rhodesia" was kidnapped by insurgents whilst on leave at his home village in the Nyajena Tribal Trust Land. It is believed that he was betrayed by his Father who was a supporter of ZANLA. He was never seen...
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    malaya 1954 onwards

    Hi. Try the Veterans Agency at the following link.
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    Andy Anderson.

    Hi. I am looking for info on a Andy Anderson possible Christian name "Brian" but not certain. Served with 22SAS for about 15 years and left in 1974 ish. I think he may have been 7troop B Sqn but again not certain. I understand that he was involved in the tree jumping and Halo research.
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    Fred " Chopper" Essex

    For anyone that may have known Chopper. I have been informed that he died at his home in New Zealand on New Years Eve. For those that don't know of him click the link below.
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    2nd MC Churchill

    Hi. I carried out some research on "Jack Churchill" earlier this year the following link might help if you have not already seen it.
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    Phee Wanoa NZSAS

    Hi Paul. I started this string only as a result of seeing the entry for "Phee" on the NZSAS page of this site. As I said in my opening comment I met him in Malaysia in the 1960's we were having a difference of opinion with Indonesia at the time and NZSAS provided a number of troops to give us a...
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    Melville Townsend - 22 SAS

    I fully understand his selling the medals to make his retirement easier but it is sad all the same that he feels that he has to. The Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) which was only awarded to non commissioned soldiers was replaced in 1993 along with the Distinguished Service Order (DSO)...
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    Hi. There are a number of books about the Selous Scouts. Pamwe Chete is one and was written by Ron Ried-Daly the first and only Commanding Officer.