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    SAS Wiehe, Jean Hyacenthe (Johnny)

    The visit was a very special event in our lives. Lt Weihe is certainly not forgotten in Mauritius!
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    SAS Wiehe, Jean Hyacenthe (Johnny)

    My wife is the daughter of Herbert Castelow MM who served with Johnny in the SAS and took part in the Garstin Stick mission. We have arranged to meet Johnny's relatives in Mauritius and to lay a wreath in a few months time. Damian Lewis expedited this, brilliant writer and a very good man.
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    Comment by 'CIPFAMAN' in media 'T. Varey'

    My wife and I have been looking for an image of this brave man for many years. He was a member of the 'Garstin Stick', Operation Gain 5th July 1944 and a reunion of family members of the Stick is planned for next year at the drop zone memorial at La Ferte Allais. My father in law Herbert...
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    Comment by 'CIPFAMAN' in media 'Henry Radley (SAS Certificate of Service)'

    Sorry for the late reply. I came across Henry's certificate whilst helping to research my wife's father's SAS story which was published a few months ago by Damien Lewis in his book ' SAS Great Escapes Two' Herbert Castelow 'The Butchers Shop Escapee.' Henry's certificate is not displayed well...
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    Comment by 'CIPFAMAN' in media 'William Hackney'

    I met Bill Hackney in 1995 in Middlesbrough where he lived. He said that he lost his 2 best mates in the SAS. One buried near Bizerta and one at Anzio. He was a lovely man.
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    SAS Castelow, Herbert

    Some minor corrections, Unit was 1 SAS. Rank trooper. MM was for escape and evasion for 10 weeks in 1944 France. Parent Unit Highland Light Infantry. Served 1944 and 1945 In France, Germany and Norway. Did not serve with any of his brothers. Full story in Damien Lewis’s next book Great Escapes...
  7. Henry Radley (SAS Certificate of Service)

    Henry Radley (SAS Certificate of Service)

    Sgt Henry Radley 1st SAS Certificate of Service 1941 to 1945 Came across whilst researching in Darvel where he must have trained pre D-Day 1944 Henry James (Nobby) Radley service number 5728600 Dorsetshire Regiment 7 Commando 1941 L Det SAS 15.8.1941 (Cpl) 1 SAS (A Squadron) September...