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    Comment by 'johntaxi22' in media 'B. Faulkner'

    Served with Brian, great lad.
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    PARAS 2 Harley, Thomas William

    He Aint dead yet Mate, on my friends list on Facebook.
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    PARAS 2 McLaughlin, Stewart Peter Frank

    He is buried in RAKE Lane Cemetery, Wallasey. Not PARK Lane.
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    Brian Dodd MM

    Sent a friend request Veronica, saw a pic of Brian on your page. still looking good.
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    Comment by 'johntaxi22' in media 'J. Chiswell'

    Is he the son of Peter Chiswell ex C.O 3 Para and later General ?
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    Brian Dodd MM

    And the trail goes cold !!!!!
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    Brian Dodd MM

    Sorry, I cant see a Veronica Dodd with a mini Para picture.!!
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    Brian Dodd MM

    Hi, Made request to a Veronica Dodd, but there are quite a few so hope I got the right one !!
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    Brian Dodd MM

    Hi, Thanks for that will do. John.
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    Brian Dodd MM

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. Try and get him on Facebook, loads of ex. Paras on there and some great pictures of the 60s/70s era. met Brian at Abingon in 1967, and I am from the same area as him. last saw him around 1978.
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    Comment by 'johntaxi22' in media '2 Para group 1982'

    No Mate, not Benny Registe.
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    Dave Kemp

    Hi Frank, I remember you well from 3 Para, saw you on ABF day at Para 90 (few years ago) Thanks for info on Dave, did well didnt he ? Regards. John Charlton.
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    Mark McLaughlin

    No Comment
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    PARAS 2 Farrar-Hockley, Charles Dair

    Charles Dair Farrar-Hockley Came to 3 Para 1968 in Malta, borrowed my car and crashed it. Only minor damage, but had a hell of a job getting the £10 repair bill.
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    Dave Kemp

    I have recently found out Dave was in 22 and ended up as training Captain. I can't confirm that, anyone out there who can ? No trade secret, he will be well out now.
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    can you pass sas selction within 2 years of joining the army

    Hi Liam, The short answer is, highly unlikely. The average age for selection is around 26/7 ish after a few years in the Army, and a lot of time getting fit, and mentally prepared. I would reccomend you join the Parachute Regiment initially, and take it from there. Hope this helps.
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    22 SAS Slater, Alistair Ira

    Alastair Ira Slater According to Charles (Nish) Bruce he was known as "Mr Grumpy" not "Mr Angry" !!
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    Comment by 'johntaxi22' in media 'H. Beattie'

    Fr. Beattie was a top man, and although I am not a catholic, I used to attend talks by him because he was such an interesting man to listen to. R.I.P.
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    Bear grylls

    Originally posted by lala land Never passed selection with 21. He was 23 SAS (TA) discharged after Parachute accident. Regards. John.
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    Brian Dodd MM

    Anyone serve with Brian Dodd MM 60s/70s radfan etc. regards. John