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    Comment by 'MongoUK' in media 'H Squadron and J Service group'

    2nd Row L-R: x, Capt. Deryck Howell, Capt. Peter Pike, Major George Power, Capt. Herbert Inch, Capt. Kenneth Fentum, x, x , x 3rd Row, 6th From Right: Tpr. Gordon Turvey. 12th Lancers. Served with Phantom throughout it's entire existence. Dunkirk, North Africa, Sicily, Italy. Photo is Italy...
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    PHANTOM Reddaway, George Frank Norman

    All good now, it was showing as GFN (Tom) still. Thanks!
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    PHANTOM Reddaway, George Frank Norman

    Thanks Craig, just needs the title of this post and the forename updating to (Norman) rather than (Tom). :)
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    PHANTOM Reddaway, George Frank Norman

    Photo is of T.F Reddaway (Tom) (, not GFN Reddaway (Known as Norman). They were brothers.
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    PHANTOM Usher, Albert Henry

    Pte Usher is named under "L" Squadron, GHQ Liaison Regt war diary, not "A" Squadron. Killed by light 88mm shelling, also injuring 2 other ORs.