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    Comment by 'sijag68' in media 'Frank Collins'

    What can I say, I read and was affected by this man, another hero, friend of Al Slater, and Iranian embassy veteran. This mans search for God ended in disaster. What a great shame, I would have liked to have met him, he sounded like a real cool dude!. I read the book, "A baptism of fire" and...
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    22 SAS Bruce, Charles (Nish)

    Charles (Nish) Bruce I made a comment about Al Slater, this is another man who deserves respect,like I said before, I have only read about him, but all I have read suggests "Hero". He had his problems, probably brought on by his service and loss. He was another unsung hero.
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    22 SAS Slater, Alistair Ira

    Alastair Ira Slater Al Slater was a true British hero, and no mistake. After the things I have read and seen about this man, all I can do is admire him. May God bless you and your family,"Mister Grumpy".A true British Hero!.