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    1945 Norway SAS and 1st Airborne (and US forces) War Criminal Hunting

    Has anyone seen this video of British and US forces in Norway dealing with German POWs? Can anyone put names to faces? Is the "portly" chap with the moustache ROY URQUHART ? Does anyone have any details about personnel involved? I know my Grandfather was there from May to August with 2SAS. In...
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    Operation Begonia WO218/178

    If anyone's interested, I've transcribed WO218/178 which relates to Operation Begonia (Pescara/Ancona Airborne element rounding up ex-POWs). It mentions Lieut. McGregor, Sgt. Mitchell, Cpl. Laybourne, Pcts. Sutton, Arnold, McQueen, and Dellow, and Ts. Cpl. Nicolich (O.S.S.). I do remember...
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    SAS Frost, PJA 2SAS 7952952

    Am wondering if anyone knows if this chap is still around. He was on Operation Pistol with my Grandfather and travelled back from NE France to Paris and then onward to Croydon with my Grandfather. I'd Googled his Service Number previously without success until very recently, when I found someone...
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    A Squadron Photo Does anyone know any of the men in this photo (uploaded by John on 24 Mar 2012)? I have half convinced myself that the chap bang in the middle, is my grandfather Edward Williams but I never knew if he was in a particular Squadron, just...
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    299 Squadron

    Has anyone ever got hold of the Air Ministry Squadron Operations Records for 299 Squadron from the National Archives? 299 Squadron were used from April 1944 for SOE operations amongst other tasks and I believe they will have been the squadron using RAF Keevil based Stirling aircraft for...
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    SAS Veterans 2011 (New Photo)

    it's good to see Cyril Wheeler is still going strong... he must be 96/97 years old by now. he was with my grandfather Edward Williams after Op Pistol with 5 other men and travelled back to The Travellers Club in Paris (see link below) I...
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    2SAS Operations

    Does anyone have any detailed information on any of the following 2SAS Operations:- Speedwell Begonia Jonquil Devon Candytuft Sleepy Lad Saxifrage Baobab Pomegranate Maple Driftwood These were all 2SAS Operations that took place in Italy between September 1943 and April 1944...
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    Operation Archway (Who are they?)

    Can anyone identify the 2SAS members in this photo. It is towards the end of Operation Archway, possibly somewhere between Minden and Celle. The person on the far left is my grandfather Sgt Edward Williams. Photo The following Sergeants are listed in the 2SAS Nominal Roll of Personnel for...
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    Operation Pistol

    I have now started a website documenting Operation Pistol It's a "Work in Progress" but it means I can stop using up John's forum with multiple entries :-) There's plenty more images and video to upload of all the locations mentioned in my...
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    j stainton

    Pct. Stainton J. 4127874 If this is the same person, he is now searchable in transcripts of operation pistol Let me know
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    Transcript - Operation Pistol - Lessons

    Lessons. 1. Small parties essential in country where food is short, and population potentially hostile. 2. More practice neede for grouping on D.Zs on dark nights. 3. Signals equipment must be packed more carefully, as two sets were smashed during a drop. 4. Resupply worked well for...
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    Transcript - Operation Pistol - Casualties

    CASUALTIES. Missing. Cpl. Fedosseff, Cpl. Voisin - Total 2. Overdue. Parties A1; B1; B3; B4 and C1 are overdue - total 19 all ranks.
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    Transcript - Operation Pistol - Damage Inflicted on the Enemy

    DAMAGE INFLICTED ON THE ENEMY This list in an interim report is necessarily incomplete. Sjt. Williams A 2. 20/21st September. Concrete pylon carrying H.T. cables destroyed at Q 304??? 23rd September. Cattle train derailed at Q 325398. S.Q.M.S. Alcock C 3. 19th September...
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    Transcript - Operation Pistol - Summary of Operation

    SUMMARY OF OPERATION As described in the paragraph on dropping, the parties did not group according to plan on the D.Zs, and they also in some cases split up again later. The resulting parties are given below, and the report, where available will be found under the same headings. Pistol A1...
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    Transcript - Operation Pistol - Dropping

    All parties left Keevil aerodrome by Stirling on the night 15/16th September. A, B and C parties dropped. D party returned because fog prevented recognition of the D.Z. Five more attempts, of which three became airborne were made to drop D. but all were unsuccessful. Dropping. Party A ...
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    transcript - operation pistol - planning and mounting

    OPERATION - PISTOL Planning and Mounting This operation was planned with the intention of harassing the enemy's road and rail communications running Eastwards from the front between Metz and Nancy and on the approaches to the Rhine Plain. At the time an advance by the American forces...
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    Transcript - Operation Pistol - A2 - by Sgt E Williams 777958

    OPERATION PISTOL A 2. REPORT BY SJT. WILLIAMS. Party Sjt. Williams, Cpl. Bovio, Pct. Frost. We baled out at approx 23.30 hrs on the night 15/16th Sep 44, from a height of about 700 ft. I was No 7 and saw only the fellow in front of me when falling, but no one following. Whilst dropping...
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    National Archives Images of Documents

    Does anyone know if there is a dedicated website that contains scans/images of documents available at the National Archives in KEW? Have you considered putting such images on your site John? I have some of Operation Pistol and will hopefully have some more of other operations later in the...