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    22 SAS Lonney, Alan Charles

    Hi I served with Lonny in 16 Troop D Squadron. He served in the Parachute Regiment before transferring to the SAS. See this thread from the Para Reg forum: I wrote to you Nanna Florence about Lonney. it was a long...
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    photos of malayan scouts

    Hi, the urls do not work as they have been shortened, see the dots (at least I cannot get them to work). I am sure the Regimental Association will be pleased to receive the photos for the regimental history. If you have your father's army number please also send them it for their records. I...
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    Brian Dodd MM

    Hi Richard, sorry to inform you Brian Dodd MM passed away over the weekend February 1st 2021. Brian served with 22 in D Squadron 1964-1968. His funeral will took place on Tuesday 16 February 2021 at 1430 Hours at Landican Cemetery, South Chapel, Woodchurch, Wirral CH49 5LW. I served with Brian...
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    22 SAS George Lea

    Hi, I have on your message to an old and bold group of ex SAS. Good luck.
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    RIP John Robertson

    RIP John Very sad to logon to the forum today having not visited for awhile to find this very sad news.
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    SAS Different status in Rolls of Honour

    Yes, there is a difference. A person 'attached' to the Regiment is not in the Regiment. They will not be 'badged'.
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    22 SAS Lonney, Alan Charles

    A good friend and will be remembered RIP.
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    Petition NI Soldiers immunity from prosecution

    I hope it is ok to post this here. Please remove if not appropriate! Subject: Petition: British Soldiers who served in N. Ireland must have immunity from prosecution.
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    SAS Sas and lrdg roll of honour

    This is worth a read: SAS: Rogue Heroes - The Authorized Wartime History
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    SAS Selection

    It is straight forward pass or fail.
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    22 SAS Cpl Kenneth Valentine Williams

    Hi Jac You could try the Special Air Service Association. There are still members of the original Malayan Scouts who are members of the association.
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    22 SAS Iles, Gilbert Francis Farley

    A good friend of mine. He wanted to be a helicopter pilot. He volunteered to fly as spotter along the Aden coastline with the Army Air Corp pilot just before last light. There was a bit of argument who should go and a coin was tossed. He won the toss but lost his life.
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    22 SAS Brown, Anthony George Edgar G.

    Tony was a good friend. He died instantly of a gunshot wound whilst on patrol in Aden
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    22 SAS Ball, Julian Antony (Tony)

    It was a great shock to me when I found out that Tony had died in a car accident. We undertook selection course together after which we served in D Squadron together. We were close friends. I wish that I had kept in touch with him after leaving the Regiment.