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Tanky Challenor: SAS and the Met
By Harold Challenor MM, Alfred Draper
Agents by Moonlight
By Freddie Clark
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    21st SAS news letter

    If you do a search on Google for '21st SAS Newsletter 1947' you will find an eight page booklet from 1947 to look through. Its full of odds bits of news about the men who have left the SAS. RSM John Alcock, my father, is described as leaving 21st SAS to join the Parachute Regiment. I came across...
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    SAS My trip to Alsace

    I have already posted threads about Operation Pistol which took place in September 1944. This Easter I went to my fathers operational area to meet two families. The first family who lived at Kappelkinger (near the 1944 drop zone for Pistol). I was told here that after my father and his men of C3...
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    2 SAS Operation Pistol

    During C3 patrol of Operation Pistol- which was led by SQMS John Alcock, John (my Father told me) told me in his oral story that he accidently left the group's radio receiver on the drop field near Audviler. The post operational report makes no mention of this. In 1983 I visited the drop field...
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    SAS Operation Pistol

    I am writing a book on Operation Pistol and my fathers other war time experiences-if anyone has any oral based imformation then please contact me with details of your information. I have written three quarters of the book so far. I am particularly looking for details about Pistol that might be...
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    Operation Pistol Tank Battle observed

    SQMS J Alcock, Corporal Hannah, Corporal Holden and the Polish SAS soldier Lyczak left Feriendael Farm and attempted to make their way towards the American front lines. The farmer who had hidden the night before had taken a great risk as he had a wife and children. The farmer, Monsieur Koenige...
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    90 yesterday

    Happy birthday to Jack Paley ex 2 SAS - 90 yesterday. I remember seeing Jack Paley for the first time in about 1955. He visited my father, who was them RSM 3 Para, at Aldershot. He arrived on a motorcycle. The next time that i saw him we were both very much older and it must have been after...
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    Poles who were in 2 SAS

    I am looking for imformation on two Poles who joined 2 SAS in Italy in 1943. I think they were freed from an internment camp. Their names are Joseph Lyczak and S Marczak. After the war Lyczak went to Kirkcaldy to live - then he pops up in Manchester where he dies in 2000. Where marczak...
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    A squadron 2 SAS

    Can any body tell me what A squadron 2 sAS were up to at the time of Operation Archway. I know my father, SQMS J Alcock, was not on archway as I have read the new SAS war Diary which provides lists for archway. I seem to remember him telling me he was in Holland at some point. I suppose he may...
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    men of C3 patrol Operation Pistol

    The men of C3 patrol of operation Pistol were, SQMS John Alcock from Goole in Yorkshire-ex coldstream guards. In 1956 he was RSM to 3 Para at Suez. In the 1960 he rejoined the SAS but this time it was known as 22 SAS. I, his son, lived on the old SAS base at Hereford. In those days as a boy you...
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    Operation Pistol and corporal Hills report

    After visiting the pistol oporational area myself I came off the ferry at Dover and drove to Portsmouth to meet Cyril Wheeler who had been in the same plane as my dad and consequently in the same stick for the drop. Cyril was directed by captain Scott, the senior officer of C drop, to go out...
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    Operation pistol- train blown up.

    My father joined the 2 SAS in North Africa. As a guardsman he had been responsible for fitness training. At one point a party of SAS had been sent tohim for training. When they went off for a parachute drop as part of their induction into the SAS he simply joined in and thus joined the regiment...
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    Operation Pistol and battle of the Bulge

    If you read the Pistol reports which are on Wikipedia you will find one SAS report which refers to one SAS patrol,not my fathers by the way, seeing german trains heading east to germany with American captured vehicles on flat cars. Could this have been for use in the Battle of The Bulge attack...
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    SAS OP Pistol 1944 capture americans

    In the last stages of my father's Operation Pistol patrol during the last leg of its journey he and his men were on the top of Koecking Bois ridge which the Americans below in the valley were planning to take by assault. They were wet through as it had rained for days and they had little...
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    SAS OP Pistol 1944 capture americans

    In the last stages of my father's Operation Pistol patrol during the last leg of its journey he and his men were on the top of Koecking Bois ridge and still within the German positions by about a mile. The Americans were below in the valley and were planning to take the Koecking Bois ridge by...
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    SAS Carbine Rifle. Operation Pistol

    (Operation Pistol)In the mid 1980s my father, ex SQMS J Alcock of 2 SAS, opened a letter from Alsace Lorraine in France. It was from a French farmer who he had not seen since leaving his farmhouse in 1944 in order to make the last leg of his escape route. The farmer was able to contact my Dad...
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    Another detail about Operation pistol C3 patrol

    SQMS J Alock, shortly after landing was told by his officer,Captain Scott, to go on his own patrol despite only being able to find one man who had been allocated to him. He set off and and as he went he found two more men who he took with him. Two nights later he sought refuge at the first farm...
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    Operation Pistol second comment

    After fleeing from the house in the woods (see previous thread) my father,SQMS J Alcock of C3 patrol Operation Pistol, and his men approached another farm. This was a house he had been told was safe to approach. The house was below at the bottom of a hill. As he and his men left the woods of...
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    Hannah and Holden 2 SAS

    does anyone know of a corporal Hannah and Holden of 2 SAS. What happenned to them after the war.
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    Operation Pistol

    In 1944 my father, SQMS J Alcock, led out C3 patrol from Operation Pistol. In the official report it says at one point that my father and three SAS men were trapped in a house in the forest at a place called Koecking Bois. Two 15 year old girls were in the house. The Germans have surrounded the...