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    SAS Introducing Myself - Op. Loyton

    Good afternoon all, I just wanted to introduce myself to the community and to thank John for giving me a login. I am researching Operation Loyton and have a keen interest in all those members of 2SAS, Phantom and Jedburgh Jacob who served on the mission, as well as associated French and...
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    anyone in contact with david Strafford?

    looking of rinfo on one lillian larcombe SOE, she pops up involved in operation tombola and can find no info so would like to ask Mr Strafford if he has come across her in his research. If anyone is in touch with him can you ask him to get in touch thanks phil
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    SOE How to add later 12 Force Group photo to Gallery?, includes Michael O'Hara.

    Hello all. I have attached a scan of a later version of the 12 Force group photo. It includes Michael O'Hara and my Grandfather Butch Baker amongst others. Could this be added to the Gallery?, I can supply a higher resolution if needed. Jonathan
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    SOE Gavan (Garry) Bernard Duffy, SOE Albania

    I am looking for more information about Gavan Bernard Duffy who was a Lieutenant in the SOE in Albania. He was instrumental in leading 30 American medics and nurses out of Albania in 1943-44. He was from Yorkshire, born in 1916 and died in 1990. Any information or photos is appreciated!