SOE Award BEM Miltiadis Constantinos Zouros, Force 133 (Greece)

Not For The Glory
By Mick Fellows MBE DSC BEM


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Miltiadis Constantinos Zouros
Award: British Empire Medal (Civil Division)

ZOUROS was employed as Greek Interpreter to Captain LAKE during the Operation involving the wrecking of a train in the Mount OLYMPUS area of GREECE on night 22nd-23rd February 1944. When the train was halted and the armoured coach, which had escaped derailment, opened fire, ZOUROS stood by Captain LAKE under the most hazardous conditions. At great personal danger he immediately advanced, under fire, and placed a bomb in the railway engine, which had escaped derailment. Having accomplished this, he returned and opened fire with SMG at a slit hole in the armoured coach.

It is considered that by his assistance in keeping down the enemy fire, Captain Lake and Bdr. MCCARVELL were greatly helped in their action when they were attacking the armoured coach with grenades.

As result of this operation, the enemy casualties amounted to between 450 and 950, including a German General and his Staff and a high proportion of officers.

The figures suggest that, from the point of view of casualties, this was the greatest single disaster the enemy has suffered in GREECE since their occupation of that country.

ZOUROS, by his coolness and courage, under heavy fire and a complete disregard for personal safety, contributed in no small way to the success of this operation.
I recommend him for the immediate award of the B.E.M. (Civil Division).

Since ZOUROS' family are still in GREECE and would be subjected to reprisals if his part in this Operation were to become known to the enemy, it is recommended that any Reward which is granted o him should not be publicly announced until the end of the war.
WO 373/111/109