RAF SPECIAL DUTIES Trying to find surviving crew of JP162FS-S August 4/5th 1944

I am trying to find crew members or their families who were stationed in Brindisi with 148 Squadron in 1944. MY father Sgt. John Frederick Cairney Rae was stationed in Brindisi. From May 1944 until August 1944. His plane JP162FS-S failed to return from a mission to Poland on the night of August 4/5th, 1944 and was shot down near the village of Wojnarowa near Krakow.

The crew were:
F/O James Gavin McCall Pilot RAFVR KIA
Fl/Eng Sgt R.O Peterson RCAF Evader
Air/Bmr. Sgt P J Anderson RCAF Evader
W/Op/Air Gun Sgt A Jolley RAFVR Evader
Air/Gun Sgt John Frederick Cairney Rae RAFVR KIA (my dad)
Air/Gun Sgt Clifford Aspinall RAFVR KIA
Sgt Underwood Evader

The 4 crew members who were able to bale out eventually returned to the UK with the help of the partisans. My father Sgt Aspinal and F/O McCall were bured by the villagers and later reinterred at Krakow Rakowicki Cemetry Poland by CWGC.

If anyone can help me in my search I would be grateful

Rosemary Edmeads nee RAE
Hi David
Thanks for your reply and the suggestion. I know this is a long shot as so many years have passed but "never say never". There were so many planes and crews lost that night.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards
Hi David
Thanks for that.
I have been in contact with that site and posted information.
Interesting information from Sgt Peterson about his journey back to the Uk.
Sgt Anderson's report when he returned to the UK is posted on
This also makes interesting reading
I have recently had an e mail from F/O McCall's grandson so have shared information with him.Just in the last few months I have made great progress in finding information on the operations that this crew made Seems the crews stayed together but used different planes. It really would be nice to find others who are connected to that "special crew"
Thanks for taking the time to help Much appreciated.
Kind regards