3 Para group (Suez 1956)
John Robertson

3 Para group (Suez 1956)

My father claims he is the man putting on his beret. As RSM he would have been part of the HQ group. Colonel Crooks strides away towards the already captured control tower.

Other claimants to this photo are a Mr Issit who was the Colonels body guard. If so he does not seem to be doing his job here and where is his weapon?

Another claimant is the son of a Mr Lowe. He has devoted his own web pages to claiming this photo as his own father.

I have in my possession one of the original chemical based prints (not digital) of this image and you John now have a digital copy of it. My father always claimed this as his image. You can be quite open about all these claimants when you put it up. Infact if you go on Paradata you will see the same image from someone elses source. Put it up and wait for the storm!

Graham Alcock
If you examined an enlarged version of this image of the man putting on his beret you will see he has hairs on his upper lip - glinting in the sun - yes a moustache, so if your relative wore a moustache there is still a good chance your claim could be right -my father wore a moustache of course.

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