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I have just joined, I was sorry to hear that your Father had died Craig.

I am finding the contents of the Website very interesting. I have been researching the Area of the Indre as I live here. Our home is 9km from Tendu, I have visited the SOE Memorial Site here, amazing.

Argenton sur Creuse seems steeped in SOE/Resistance activities.
Kind regards
Is there anyone out there who had a relative or who served In Ww2 with HQ SO(M), Force 399, no 1special force or 2nd independent parachute brigade. My grandfather was a Royal Army medical corps Airborne medic he served BEF, ME, CMF joined HQ SO (M) and S.O.E s Force 399 to jump in to the Balkans to work with the J.A.N.L then Italian&GreekPartisans. Thanks