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Date of death : 24-May-1968

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LTC, AUS (Ret) US Army
Civil Affairs and Psycholgical Operations
Vietnam, enlisted service (25th Infantry Division (68-69), Commissioned Service: Operation Desert Storm (Kuwait Task Force), Operation Iraqi Freedom (2005-2006)
Hi Craig, I have a short time ago received a spam email from offering

Kind regards
Craig Robertson
Craig Robertson
Hi Ron, thanks for reporting. Unfortunately some spam bots pass through the website spam checker.
I have deleted the user balmeena813 as a spammer, hopefully this was same one that sent you message.
Note i removed the rest of your post above in case someone clicks the links.
best regards, Craig
Legal Counsel Marek Zarządzki.Legal Adviser for the Government.Ministry of Transport. Infrastructure.Lawyer. Senior Expert at the Management Office of PZU Insurance Company AG.I'm represented PZU S.A. at General Meetings of Shareholders in Vilnius.Head of the Department at Management Office of DAEWOO Insurance Company AG. Second Secretary for Economic Affairs at the Polish Embassy in Vilnius.
Hello Craig, I replied to your Email in which you sent me the Photo then saw the instruction not to reply.Is this where I need to be to reply and send photos
Craig Robertson
Craig Robertson
Hi Jeff, thanks replied to your email. You can attach here or by email.