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Eight Lives Down
By Chris Hunter
F.H. (Huia) Woods
John Robertson

F.H. (Huia) Woods

22 SAS (NZ Squadron) 1956 (Lt)
22 SAS (British Jungle Warfare School,Vietnam) 1967 (Major)
famous SAS tracker (belonged NZSAS)
born 1932 Paroa,New Zealand
attended Auckland Teacher Training School
died 1988 London age 56
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I knew him when he was at Jungle Training Centre, Kota Tingi, Jahore 1956. Saved me (I was 13 at the time), from a hoard of irate Malayan ladies of the night, that were after my virtue. A couple of weeks later he took me back to the same bar and this time he let them have their evil way with me. It was years later when my father and I met him again, that the secret came out. My old man admitted that he guessed something had gone on, as I suddenly started looking at girls with a more t5han just a
lol! I am a nephew of Huia, son of his second youngest brother David Woods. Huia’s contribution to the NZ SAS is legendary. ANZAC day 2022 I watched the documentary released called the shark of war. This was about Harding Leaf and the Maori Battalion. The Leaf and Woods family are related so I am sure Huia was well aware of Hardings impact and dedication to our military. Huia died at a young age, very sad.
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