Henri Cornioley and Pearl Witherington
John Robertson

Henri Cornioley and Pearl Witherington

I had the greatest pleasure in my life to meet - Pearl (Witherington) Cornioley (SOE) at her retirement home at Chateauviex, Near Tours, France in 2006 and 2007. We had some lovely moments together in her room as she explained to me her love of France and her battles with the enemy and how she met Henri whom she eventually married.
She showed me the picture on the wall of her being awarded her "Parachute Wings" by Queen Elizabeth II...On April 6th 2006.....Whom she commented in a wry smile and said.." A few years too late eh?". Sixty years too late...as at that time she was 92 years old, but she laughed to me as she now considered it was an Honour.
She mentioned her times in Paris and how hard the times were and had to use the Black market to obtain, tea and coffee and many other items to feed her and her fellow friends. She laughed when I mentioned that I had left her a "Little Gift"---a packet of English T-Bags (Sorry Pearl not much of a present at all for a - Heroine of France!)
She was pretty adamant when I asked if I could take a photo of us together as a lifelong memory of me meeting her....She politely refused as she was going blind and wore dark glasses and felt embarrassed at my asking.
She remembered very well her memories of battles with the enemy which she had engaged in with her beloved Maquis accompanied by her fiance, a very good looking Henri Cornioley, whom she later married.
She told me she sadly had cancer and that she was waiting for treatment in November that year of 2007.....Only that when her life was to end that she would have her ashes scattered where her beloved Henri's were also scattered...."So that they could be together again"...

Dear Pearl and Henri......You are both now together and may the God who gives Hope remember you Both......As We Do, as A Hero and Heroine of France!.....Ian Robertson Bridle-18/05/2022
A Great Website.....But can I please ask if anyone has read my account above....Many Thanks if you have.......IanB
Yes, we have, Ian. It is indeed a wonderful entry about a special woman...well-written and touching. I wish there were more postings about the WOMEN who also fought and served in the military and other supportive roles during many tragic, historic wars & conflicts...as well as, more about those from other countries who served. THANK YOU.

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