Hershalle T. Jay (grave)
John Robertson

Hershalle T. Jay (grave)

Hershalle Talmadge Jay
from Kingston, Alabama, USA
rank not known (07080151)
HQ Company
born 12.4.1919, Geneva, Alabama, USA
son of Toxie Caleb (1887-1986) and Rubie Angeline (nee Burkett) Jay (1889-1968)
enlisted 28.2.1940 Willow Springs, California
served WW2 (26.02.1940 - 31.10.1945) and Korea (24.08.1952 - 23.08.1954)
achieved rank of Technical Sergeant, USAF
died 8.11.2002 (Aged 83)
Early Town Church of Christ Cemetery, Early Town, Geneva County, Alabama

He was my father. Talmadge was his middle name. He gave me that middle name also. I have a photo of him in uniform but I can't upload it. He told me he was at Anzio and the Aleutians. I can't get his records they were destroyed in the NPRC fire of 1973. He never mentioned being in Korea. I know he was stationed in Casablanca, the Azores and Mitchell Field NY. He retired as a Tech Sgt.
Years ago I found a roster (1st Special Forces) I think, with him on it. It was an image of a list. Can't find it now.
I found it, it was the 1st Special Service Force roster.
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My name is Anthony Whitley.
I am an Ancestry and Find A Grave member as well as this web site. Along with other colleagues, I am researching the First Special Service Force, the 474th Infantry Regiment (Separate), the 99th Infantry Battalion (Separate), and the U.S. Army Rangers, all 'Special Forces" US Army units of WWII.
Many books and now many online internet websites exist regarding the previously mentioned units. My research has led me to one who may be your father, As you may or may not know, Herschelle T Jay was a member of the 474th Infantry Regiment (Separate). I have a First Special Service Force roster that lists him by Company and Regiment. I know as well that he was in H Company of the 474th Infantry Regiment.
My uncle Fred, Whitley was a WWII Veteran member of both the First Special Service Force and H Company, 474th Infantry Regiment (Separate).
I have for the past seven years studied extensively the First Special Service Force and the 474th Infantry Regiment (Separate), the 99th Infantry Battalion (Separate), and the US Army Rangers of WWII.
When the first Special Service was disbanded on December 5th, 1944, the 474th Infantry Regiment (Separate) was created uniting the 99thInfantry Battalion, the First Special Service Force, Us Army Rangers, and the 552nd Anti-Tank Battalion.
Do you have more formation regarding your father and his service? Are you aware of the history of the the474th Infantry Regiment (Separate), the First Special Service Force, the WWII Rangers, and WWII US Army 99th Battalion? There are special groups of the descendants and other families of these brave men?
Tony, his service records were destroyed in a fire in 72?, so I have no information. Btw, it's Kinston Al not Kingston.

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