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    X CRAFT AND CHARIOTS Marris, Basil MacDonald

    Hi John, Sad news. Bjørn Pedersen passed away November 5th 2012. He was 92 years old. His funeral is on November 13th.
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    Biffy Dunderdale

    Hi Chris, and many thanks for the reply. Your family history is nothing short of amazing. When I've visited the TNA for the PDJ material I have often looked for files on Biffy, but alas nothing of note to date. I have been told by various historians that I need to look at his life, but...
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    NORWAY van der Hagen, Tor Hugo

    Tor Hugo van der Hagen Jack, could you please give me a mail as I have some news on your grandfather. Kind regards, Bob
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    Biffy Dunderdale

    Hi Chris, Currently, I am carrying out research in to a Patrick Dalzel-Job RNVR. There is, as far as I know, no connection to Richard, but there are connections to Biffy via Ian Fleming. I would very much like the opportunity to chat to you about your uncle. In the meantime, if I come...