SAS 1 SAS Tpr Robert Dunn


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I am trying to find out some information and possibly a photo of this guy - 3130237 Trooper Robert Dunn 1 SAS, completed his jump course on 1st march 1944. Is it possible to find out what operations he may have taken part in or where he served?

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hi ravrick i take it this trooper is deceased you can apply for his service record at Glasgow.Army service records are held by Service Number, Rank, Full Name and Date of
... Disclosure 2, Mail Point 515, Kentigern House, 65 Brown Street, Glasgow,


Hi Del,
Yes you can apply for his service records but you will need proof that he is deceased, and if you are not family/NOK then it will cost you £30.00..non refundable if search reveals nothing. It is a very long waiting time just now for service records, I'm at 7 months just now on 2 records pending!!

Rick, He is not listed on the memorial plaques surrounding the David Stirling statue at Doune, which are war dead; so, I'm assuming he died post war? If he did his Para course in 1944,then he joined 1 at Darvel in Ayrshire, Scotland ? His Army number denotes service with the Royal Scots Fusiliers (Block 3122001-317800) I see from your 2008 post on a WW2 forum site you already know this information,unsure where in the UK you are from? (or if your still overseas?) it would narrow him down as i can search Ancestry or Scotland's People site? If you want' just PM me with details, only too happy to assist.
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