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I've just recently found out that my Dad's Uncle was a Chindit who fought in the 1st Expedition in 1943. He was in The Kings Regiment (Liverpool) in the 13th Battalion. Unfortunately he was killed on 01/05/1943.

His name is William (Bill) Thornton.

I have received his service records which state the date he enrolled, the date he was posted to Burma and the date he died, but i was wondering if there is anywhere/anyone i could contact to enable me to find out any additional information, ie: which column he fought with etc?

Many thanks
Hi Mel,

I was very pleased to see your post, I can tell you that William belonged to column 8 in 1943 and died just after what is known as the Kaukkwe Chaung incident.

Column 8 had just taken a full air supply drop on the 24/25 April and some of the very lucky men had been flown out in a Dakota that had managed to land in a jungle clearing.

William and the others knew that they would have to walk out the rest of the way. They were crossing a very deep and fast flowing river (Kaukkwe) when a Japanese patrol caught up with them. Many men were killed on or about April 30/ May 1st.

I have something more for you and in about 8 weeks hoping to launch a website in honour of these men.

Hi Steve

Thank you so much for your reply.
It was amazing to read your email and quite emotional. I am just about to call my Dad and let him know.

Thank you again for your help and i'm looking forward to seeing your new website to honour of these amazing men.

Mel x
Hi Mel,

I have been researching my Grandfather Arthur Howney (you can see his details and photos on this site) for about 5 years and have been able to find out a lot about the 13th Kings along the way.

Most of the documents that tell their story are held at the National Archives, Kew, London. This has become my second home. :)) I will send you a pm with my email and I can then send you a copy of a document you will want to see.


I'm glad Steve has been able to help you. He has put so much time into his personal search about his grandfather.

One thing I would like to say about Steve is that he has passed on a lot of the information that he has found during his research onto the families of the men who were on Operation Longcloth.

My research about my Great grandfather led me to making contact with Steve. Although our relatives were on different Operation ie mine on Operation Thursday we have a common interest and have become friends because of our obsession in finding out about our past.

I'm sure Steves website will reveal much about what has been lost to the archives. I look forward to seeing it develop over time as hopefully people will make contact with Steve and give him more personal information where possible to add in order for people to learn all about the difficulties of the Chindits in Burma.

When you get to here the full story of what was happening out there you will begin to understand the personal stories and how difficult it was fighting out there. You should be very proud of your Uncle he would have to have passed rigourous physical test and examination in order to be deemed good enough to take on the arduous tasks that were ahead of him.

Welcome to the Chindit family.

Eddie Chandler

I have recently found out about my wifes grand uncle, Arthur Birch who was a member of the 13th Battalion, The King's Regiment and lost his life 24th March 1943 in Burma.

Can I be pointed to somewhere that I could find out more about this, Operation Longcloth or the Chindits 1943

Kind regards

Hi MickeyT,

I have just seen your post and cannot believe the coincidence here. I am reading the book 'With Wingate in Burma', by David Halley, and have just read about Arthur Birch and his time in platoon 17 of column 8 on operation Longcloth.

I have been researching these men for about 5 years now and am about to release a website based on their actions in Burma.

Arthur's mention in the book is the only information I have been able find about his sad death in 1943. His platoon were sent out to protect the perimeter of a supply drop and bumped into a Japanese patrol.

I will pm you my email address and we can make proper contact.

BURNS, Private, DANIEL, 3861976.
13th Bn. The King's Regiment (Liverpool).
4th November 1943. Age 28.
can anyone help me with information about daniel on behalf of his grandaughter. He was taken a POW and died 4th nov 1943.
BURNS, Private, DANIEL, 3861976.
13th Bn. The King's Regiment (Liverpool).
4th November 1943. Age 28.
can anyone help me with information about daniel on behalf of his grandaughter. He was taken a POW and died 4th nov 1943.
Chindits Burma 13th Bn King's Regiment (Liverpool)

My great uncle was a Chindit in Burma. He was Private Francis Withey 13th Bn King's Regiment (Liverpool) number 7016685. Sadly he died 29th Jan 1944 age 23 as a POW. He was my father's uncle. I would love to know if anyone has any further information about him, possibly knew him or someone who might have known or has any information to share about the 13th Bn?

Many Thanks
Elizabeth Withey
Hi Elizabeth,

I have researched these men from 1943 and have a few pieces of information about Francis. I will send you a pm via this site. Please do get in touch from either that message or via my website which Geoff has kindly linked to above.

Best wishes

I'm trying to seek some assistance and learn more about my Uncle who server with the 13th Battalion Kings Regiment (Liverpool) 8th Column. His name was Albert Shaw (3781699) Albert was born in Moss Side, Manchester and killed on the 13th October 1944. I'm hoping to learn as much as I can about Albert and the circumstances surrounding his death. My late mum (Albert's sister) mentioned that the family had been told Albert was tortured to death, but I'm not sure how the family would have learnt this? Many thanks in advance for any assistance.