Another detail about Operation pistol C3 patrol


SQMS J Alock, shortly after landing was told by his officer,Captain Scott, to go on his own patrol despite only being able to find one man who had been allocated to him. He set off and and as he went he found two more men who he took with him. Two nights later he sought refuge at the first farm that helped him. This is all in his report. What is not in the report is the following.

He told this farmer the that he had left his radio behind in the field where the drop was made. So the farmer went to this field and searched it the next day. No radio was found. So this farmer approached the farmer who owned the field into which the drop had been made. He asked him for the radio back, as he felt sure this man must have taken it. But the man denied knowledge of it.

40 years later my father and I went to France to the operational area. We went with the first farmer and had a family meal with lots of wine. It was suddenly decided that we all ought to go and get the radio back which was stolen all those years ago. As we drove to this farm I felt some apprehension about what might happen next.On arrival my father and the first farmer, a Mr Konige,knocked on the door.

It was the second farmer's son who answered the door. After explanations he started to laugh. He turned around and went upstairs. On his return he came down with some green silk parachute which had originally been wrapped around the radio. He explained that in 1944 he had heard his father say that some British parachutist had landed in his field in the night. His son later went to the field and stole the radio. Since the french police had interrogated his father he dared not reveal that he had been responsible for the theft. But to this day this man says he does not have the radio anymore. Should I believe him still? GO TO THREAD A SQUADRON 2 SAS and see a photo of the the two farmers who aided my father and my fathers letter to one of them that he left behind as a way of thanking him. This man used the letter 40 years later.