EOD Archer, William Arthur

John Robertson

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William Arthur
  • UNIT
2 Bomb Disposal Company,Royal Engineers
  • RANK
10th October 1940
  • AGE
Manchester Southern Cemetery,Lancashire Sec. N Nonconformist Grave 749
died UK
wife Violet Eveline Archer (died 27.06.1941 aged 39)
On the 10th October 1940 a 250 kg bomb was recovered with a badly damaged fuse, which could not be removed, it had passed through a cast iron drainage cover. It was considered to be so damaged as being incapable of functioning. Therefore it was loaded onto a lorry and taken to the Duke of York’s Barracks, Chelsea. Where, the men went for their evening meal. 2nd Lieutenant L.G.W. Carter saw it on the lorry and decided for safety to take it to the Bomb Cemetery at Regents Park. Captain Hunt was invited to go with him, however he declined the offer. Driver Brinton was excused this duty as he had a date that evening. 2nd Lieutenant Carter decided to drive the lorry himself. Corporal L.J. Sharp, 685 Artisan Works Company. Sappers W.A. Archer, J.W. Cookson, W.D. Cubitt and W. Pass went with him. They drove up Marylebone Road near to Madame Toussauds when the bomb exploded killing them all. Driver C. Brinton had a lucky escape this was not his last. On the 11th February 1941, the now Lance Sergeant C. Brinton was working with a squad at Purley Oaks School, Bynes Road, Croydon. He went to check on another unexploded bomb being dug out nearby, he was a street away when it exploded killing all but the driver. Details extracted from Bomb Disposal British Casualties of WWII. Chris Ranstead.
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