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Bruce Morrison

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I'm trying to find any information on my father - Donald Campbell Morrison. I believe he served with C Squadron from 1951. I know very little about him but have found a picture of him on here. My mother took me to the UK when I was very young and so I have very few memories of him. If anyone can point me in the right direction in tracing him or any family he may have I'd be grateful.
Thank you


Hi Bruce,
I have the book SAS Rhodesia by Jonathan Pittaway and Craig Fourie (ISBN 0-620-29347-0) It has your father in several parts of the book along with awards and Regimental photos. The book is pricey and i obtained it from Jonathan, but i think copies can still be be obtained from the publisher
PO Box 50178 Musgrave 4062 South Africa. Hope this helps.

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