Force 133 in the Aegean

Darby's Rangers: We Led the Way
By William O. Darby, William H. Baumer


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Hi, I am trying to trace my father's activity at the Combined Intelligence Centre, Iraq in 1943, PWB in 1943 and then in Force 133, SOE in the Aegean in 1944 and wondered if anyone had any suggestions as to where to start looking. I see that there are papers at Kings College London and some info at the National Archives. Grateful for any suggestions/assistance. His name was maurice Constant and he was a Lieutenat at that time - had served with west Yorks in Eitrea and Libya and wounded at Alam Halfa. Thank you


Hi Mike,
Possibly the best place to start your research is to obtain your father's Military records, which will be held in Glasgow, all military records are held here. This link will explain and you can print off the required paperwork. Any problems/advice let me know.
Hope this at least starts you in the right direction, as once you have them, there will be information contained to show where he has been and especially his time with Force 133.
The National Archives is a good source as well.

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Many thanks. Will do. I have got all I can out of the National archives which was not much apart from his posting etc and personnel form.

Thank you