it would be up to you to supply the information concerning your relation. John is only one man doing a superb job collating information here but its up to us to support him with the information he lacks. we are a comunity of people who help each other involving such research and we are lucky to have john who colotes it all for us.

you might want to consider this when asking your next question


John does a superb job, and as Geronimo very rightly said, its up to the likes of you (Shannon Long) to supply information rather than question why such information is not there?? Telephathy is not to everyone's ability??


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I was under an assumption this was a website done but one person's research.... but as they say assuming makes asses of u and me LOL. I was just surfing looking for more information on my grandfather because I have been missing him more these days. Alomost 20 years and it stills feels like yesterday. Sorry if I offended anyone I meant no disrespect.

John Robertson

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I've already answered Shannon's E-mail.
Shannon your grandfather appears on the FSSF Nominal Roll of all those who served.If you E-mail me a photo with some biographical info I will add him to the Gallery.
No offence was taken Shannon.
Best wishes


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Just to say that after disbanded, FSSF parachutist qualified were sent in 101st or 82nd airborne. One of them is WILLIAM SLAWSON who finished the war with 505th PIR.

An other FSSF who followed this road is Ed HARRIS (major)