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Hello Everyone
New to the site and the Military records so any guidance would be great. I have just found out my grandfathers nephew was killed in Germany 1945 and was part of S.O.E. I have found him on here Ronald E A Shallcross, how can I find out more about what happened.
Thank you in advance.


Hi Kim,
Welcome to the site. You can possibly apply for his Military records which are held in Glasgow Scotland (all records held here) this link will explain the details etc.

If and when you find out more of his involvement with SOE, the National Archives have files on various aspects of SOE Activity. If i remember correctly i think they have an SOE Advisor as well? Scroll down to page 7

There are also a plethora of books relating to SOE, some advertised/ reviewd on this very site. Best wishes with your research and if you find anything please do contact John Robertson who has this site and he will update the details.
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Evening everyone
It's been a couple of years since I was on hear asking about Ronald Shallcross but I've been ill so I hope you'll forgive me. I received his record which unfortunately doesn't tell me much, but there are a few bits I'm hoping you could help me with.
It says P.T.C 18.12.43 with a view to employment as Cpl. clerk for service overseas
N.T 23.12.43
O.S.A 31.12.43
1.1.44 AQ/M advised; 17369 been employed as a Cpl with S.F Detachment
There's a paper where he signed the Official Secrets Acts
Some paper dated 17.12.43 when he was a SGT Clerk it has his permanent address as c/o Lloyds Bank Ltd Buckland Dover.
There is a letter dated 5.5.45 about him dying on either 17/18 April. It says cause of death unknown.
Any help
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John Robertson

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His SOE file is in the National Archives at Kew.File ref HS9/1349/3
Do you possess a copy ? There may be a photo in there.


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PTC - Put Through the Cards - SOE Vetting procedure carried out by MI5 & Special Branch
NT - No Traces
OSA - Signed Official Secrets Act
He served with a SF Detachment which acted as liaison between SOE/OSS in the form of SF HQ and the Allied Armies in Europe each of which had an SF Detachment attached