SAS Shaw, Charles William (Grazzi)

John Robertson

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Charles William (Grazzi)
  • UNIT
1 SAS (C Squadron)
  • RANK
Quarter Master Sergeant
King Haakon VII Freedom Medal (Norway)
Norway 1945
parent unit Army Air Corps
born 6.9.1915 Sheffield,Yorkshire
magistrate postwar
worked in Cyprus 1960s
moved to Australia
died 25.4.1982 Australia
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SAS your uncle Shaw

This man was my Uncle who married my Aunt in Kilmarnock 1944. An info appreciated as I nev er met him

Hello, my father was in 2 SAS and also in Norway. His rank was SSM and later SQMS. Next time I am in Leeds I will look in the SAS War Diary which is held in the library there. I used to live in Queensland but am now back in UK since 1979.

Graham Alcock