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Aircraft Crash on Robert's Ridge | 160th Night Stalker | MH-47 Chinook Combat Aviator | Alan Mack

Today we hear the Combat Story of a long time aviator and CH-47 and MH-47 pilot who spent years with the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR), Alan Mack. Alan served over 35 years in the Army and retired with 6700 flight hours, including 3200 hours in NVGs. Alan survived an aircraft shootdown and multiple near death experiences in his time in uniform.

He was a part of iconic operations including Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Operations Anaconda and Redwings, and many others he can’t discuss because they remain classified. He has two Distinguished Flying Crosses, three Bronze Stars, a Legion of Merit, and 10 Air Medals, including one with Valor.

His nickname was The ‘Stache which is almost a requirement for an aviator but sadly that mustache is now gone but I have confirmed with my old flight school roommate who served with Alan that the nickname was indeed, The Stache!

Alan’s book “Razor 03: A Night Stalker’s Wars” chronicles so much more of his experiences in the elite special operations community for those who are left wanting more, to include some of the more personal and challenging family dynamics he experienced with years in combat.

I hope you enjoy this perspective from the inside the cockpit where we dive deep into some of the aviation psychology, personalities, and Chinook configurations, as much as I did.
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