Craig Robertson

Fighting Men of Rhodesia ep262 | Sgt Mike West | Grey's Scouts, RLI, SAS, RECCE's

Born poor, he battled on the streets of the mining towns; from orphanage to reformatory to warder on Pretoria Central’s ‘Death Row’. After a brush with the law, he went north to join the fight for Rhodesia, and served with distinction in the Grey Scouts, the RLI and then the SAS.

Fighting ferociously to the bitter end, the politicians ended his war and he returned to his homeland to re-enter the fray with the Recces. Unorthodox in his methods, scornful of dogma, a rebel in their ranks, he rankled his seniors but was seldom far from the thick of the action.

Attacking the enemy from the air, land and sea, he led from the front against the Russians, Cubans, Angolans and SWAPO. Like his mentor, Rhodesian SAS Captain Darrell Watt, the man he idolizes, he was denied the recognition he deserved.
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