Jack Paley
John Robertson

Jack Paley

from Yorkshire
born 02.12.1921 Rothwell, Yorkshire, UK
parents John Willie & Jane Paley
7 Bn Parachute Regiment
2 SAS 1943 - October 1945
Op.Rupert (France) 1944
Op.Canuck (Italy) January 1945
3 Bn Parachute Regiment (Palestine) 1945-46
wife Barbara Rose (72 years married)
sons Ross, Mark & daughters Anne, Heather
died 30.11.2023, Markham, Ontario (Aged 101)

photo source Jack Paley
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I suppose it was going to happen sometime soon. I hope his wife Barbara is OK. Jack told me once he cut the legs shorter off a stool he owned so I could have a seat to sit on. I was nine years old at the time. The next time I saw him was when he saw Dad off to attack the El Gamil airport in 1956. He came to wish him good luck. Then I met him at Selby Abbey in around 2000 after my father had died. Little did we both know that at the time the 2 SAS Reverent Kent had worked at the Abbey. He was great fun and missed the UK and Leeds in particular. A good rest for you now Jack.

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