Special Air Service Regiment (1941-1945)

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  • 2 Troop SRS (C Section)
    Thomas P. Rennie, 3rd from left.
  • B. Lowry,Jr
    Lt Lowry was a distant cousin. During my family tree research, I wrote up this account of his short life. RIP, cousin...
  • Richard Barnes
    It appears that this is the same Richard Cumberland Barnes that was torpedoed on the Athenia - Mr Richard "Dick" Cumberland Barnes (27), British...
  • Robert W. Holmes
    Thank you so much for posting this picture of my grandpa! This is beyond special, and my heartfelt thank you! If any one has any more pictures, or...
  • Olen W. Benson (grave)
    Children Olen W. Benson Jr., Eric J. Benson and Elaine J. Benson-Ebey
  • 2 SAS group,Italy 1944
    Yes, on the right is my Great Grandfather Robert Brown. We had this picture but lost it I am ever so grateful to find it here.
  • M. Reeves
    Mick was my fathers best friend many years ago
  • 2 SAS group
    Hello, I new Arthur huntbach, great friend of my late fathers, came to Scotland many times to visit and enjoy the fishing, best remembered by me...
  • T. Swierzy (Memorial Stone)
    Tony That April day we snailed our way up Tower Ridge, brushing powder from holds and belay placements, scratching cramponed boots on grey-iced...
  • Herbert Hollander
    We didnt have that photo in our familly collection, thanks so much John.

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