Richard Barnes
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Richard Barnes

Richard Cumberland Barnes (Dick)
born 19.7.1912
commissioned 2Lt (220731) Royal Artillery 27.12.1941
SOE Crete 1944-45 (Captain)
codename Pavlo
Foreign Service 26.7.1948
Consul-General for Continental Greece,Crete,etc 17.12.1962
retired from H.M. Diplomatic Service November 1964
died 1970
It appears that this is the same Richard Cumberland Barnes that was torpedoed on the Athenia -
Mr Richard "Dick" Cumberland Barnes (27), British, Sussex to Port Hope, Ontario, Richard Cumberland Barnes, Port Hope on Athenia (Ottawa Journal 6 Sep 1939 p4). British, Mr Richard Barnes, British, landed Greenock. Richard Barnes survivor List 1 (Montreal Gazette 9 Sep 1939 p9). Taking up a post in Port Hope Ontario (Guardian 6 Sep 1939 p3). Parents The Grove, Ovenden, Halifax, Yorkshire, travelling to take up a post as senior classical master at Trinity College, Port Hope Ontario from Steyning Grammar School, Steyning, Sussex, to parents' home after, story, to destroyer (Leeds Mercury 8 Sep 1939 p3). Photo (Bradford Observer 8 Sep 1939 p3).
Ronnie MacLean, Yell, Shetland.
Francis Keegan

Dick Barnes read Classics at Oxford and thus had a basic understanding of modern Greek . He was one of the British officers / guerrillas on Crete associated with Patrick Leigh-Fermor . Dick has a chapter about him in the book " The Cretan Runner " as Dick was dark haired and strongly built he could pass for a Cretan mountain man . He became a family friend when he taught my older brother John Keegan at Kings College Taunton in 1940/41. John later became a well known Military Historian.

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