Ronald Waite
John Robertson

Ronald Waite

Frank Ronald Waite
born 25.11.1919 Chester
SBS,SAS (M Det S Squadron) 1944-45 (Sgt)
holder D.C.M.
married Joan
died 23.10.1990 Gravesend, Kent
Ronald Frank Waite DCM SBS was my uncle, he was married to Joan and not Pat. Pat married my other uncle Alfred Davies RN DSM who served aboard the battleship 'Kingston'.
Ron was hit by gun fire during an assault with Anders Lassen VC MC x 2 bars on several German machine gun posts at Lake Comacchio in Italy. Sadly Anders ( Andy ) was killed. My uncle, despite his injuries and unable to move kept firing and showed immense bravery for his actions.
Ron was a true gentleman and as a kid he loved to play with me and my brother when we went to visit.
The very last time i saw him was when i paid a visit to him and Joan in Gravesend. Even though he was dying ( lung cancer ) and bed ridden, he got out of his bed to come and say hello, he then went back to bed. That was the cut of this great man and the next i heard was he had passed away. RIP.

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