Thomas Pearson
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Thomas Pearson

Thomas Cecil Hook Pearson
born 1.7.1914 Queenstown,Ireland
son of John Lewis and Phoebe Charlotte (nee Beadon) Pearson
educated Charterhouse School
graduated RMC Sandhurst
commissioned 30.8.1934 Rile Brigade (2Lt)
2 Bn Rifle Brigade
Mention in Despatches (1940)
award DSO for Libya 1941 (Lt T/Captain)
Staff Officer Middle East (Captain) 1941
GSO2 Middle East Training Centre (A/Major) 1942
DAQMG Divisional HQ (T/Captain) 1942
2 Bn Rifle Brigade (C.O.) (Lt Colonel) 1942
award bar to DSO for Tunisia 1943
AA and QMG HQ Aegean Area (Lt Colonel) 1943 (Chief Logistics Officer,HQ Raiding Forces,Leros)
GSO 1 GHQ 1 Special Force SOE,Bari 1944 (Lt Colonel) (Planning and Organisation of Ops,Northern Italy and Balkans)
Deputy Commander 2 Parachute Brigade (T/Colonel) 1944
Deputy Commander 1 Air Landing Brigade (T/Colonel) 1945
GSO 1 HQ 1st Airborne Division (Lt Colonel) 1945
award King Haakon VII Liberty Cross (Norway)
1 Bn Parachute Regiment (C.O.) (Lt Colonel) 1945
7 Bn Parachute Regiment (C.O.) (Lt Colonel) 1947
GSO 1 War Office (Lt Colonel) 1947
GSO 1 Malaya (Lt Colonel) 1950-51
award MBE for Malaya
GSO 1 (Plans) GHQ Far East Land Forces (Lt Colonel) 1951-53
award OBE
GSO 1 (Instructor) Joint Services Staff College (Colonel) 1953
45 Parachute Brgade,TA (C.O.) (Brigadier) 1955-56
16 Parachute Brigade (C.O.) (Brigadier) 1957-58
award CBE
Chief of Staff to Director of Operations Cyprus (Brigadier) 1960
Head of Mission Soviet Zone,Germany (Brigadier) 1960
G.O.C. 1 Division (Major General) 1961
Chief of Staff HQ Northern Army Group (Major General) 1963
award C.B.
Commander Far East Land Forces (Lt General) 1967
award K.C.B.
Military Secretary,Ministry of Defence (Lt General) 1969
C.-in-C. Allied Forces Northern Europe (General) 1972
retired as General 1974
Deputy Lieutenant of Hereford and Worcester 1983
married Aud Skjelkvale 1947 (1924-2013) (2 sons)
died 15.12.2019
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