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    Can anyone shed light on who else is in this photo? I'm led to believe the chap to the far left is Bill Stirling.
  2. 2 SAS Group

    2 SAS Group

    Small group of 2SAS. The chap at the very back (in the middle) is my Grandfather Sgt Edward Williams. In front of him, kneeling down wearing glasses is L/Cpl William MacQueen (aka McQueen). Photo kindly provided by the daughters and nephew of William MacQueen.
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    Comment by 'tim4848' in media '2 SAS group'

    Sitting down confirmed by a descendant a few years ago but have lost their details, is L/Cpl William McQueen. Kneeling down confirmed by his son, is L/Cpl Elisha (aka Tom) Holmes and again, standing up is my grandfather, Sgt Edward Williams
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    Comment by 'tim4848' in media '2 SAS (2 Squadron)'

    Confirmed by his son, 3rd row down, 4th from left is L/Cpl Elisha Holmes S/N 1656281 (I am aware of him also known as Tom Holmes from a letter written to my Grandmother, wife of Sgt Edward Williams S/N 777958). I had seen this photo previously and wondered if the Sgt bottom row 2nd in from the...
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    1945 Norway SAS and 1st Airborne (and US forces) War Criminal Hunting

    Just a quick follow up. I have some documentation that states that after landing at Stavanger on 15/16th May 1945, they moved to Kristiansund in the South, but after a few weeks 2SAS moved to Bergen on a prison ship and then were accommodated in a school. After 6 weeks, they began processing the...
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    1945 Norway SAS and 1st Airborne (and US forces) War Criminal Hunting

    Has anyone seen this video of British and US forces in Norway dealing with German POWs? Can anyone put names to faces? Is the "portly" chap with the moustache ROY URQUHART ? Does anyone have any details about personnel involved? I know my Grandfather was there from May to August with 2SAS. In...
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    Operation Begonia WO218/178

    If anyone's interested, I've transcribed WO218/178 which relates to Operation Begonia (Pescara/Ancona Airborne element rounding up ex-POWs). It mentions Lieut. McGregor, Sgt. Mitchell, Cpl. Laybourne, Pcts. Sutton, Arnold, McQueen, and Dellow, and Ts. Cpl. Nicolich (O.S.S.). I do remember...
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    SAS Frost, PJA 2SAS 7952952

    Am wondering if anyone knows if this chap is still around. He was on Operation Pistol with my Grandfather and travelled back from NE France to Paris and then onward to Croydon with my Grandfather. I'd Googled his Service Number previously without success until very recently, when I found someone...
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    2SAS Operations

    Cheers Graham. I have "WO218/177 OPERATION SPEEDWELL Group 1", is your information in addition to this? Thanks, Tim
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    2SAS Operations

    Thanks DenysB, I have had a quick look at the entries. Apologies for not replying sooner, for some reason, I didn't get any sort of notification to say something had been posted.
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    Operation pistol- train blown up.

    website updated and transcription complete Tim
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    Operation pistol- train blown up.

    I'm going to add this one to my website under party C1. Graham, if I've worked it our correctly, the "we soon joined forces with three other S.A.S. men" refer to your dad SQMS Alcock, Cpl Hannah and Pct. Marczak. This is also the first time I've seen Lt Lothaire Grumbach referred to with an...
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    A Squadron Photo

    from a previous post, there appears to have been a 2 Squadron, 2SAS as there's a photo on Ebay. Does anyone have this photo in their collection?
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    A Squadron Photo Does anyone know any of the men in this photo (uploaded by John on 24 Mar 2012)? I have half convinced myself that the chap bang in the middle, is my grandfather Edward Williams but I never knew if he was in a particular Squadron, just...
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    299 Squadron after searching for service numbers on the internet of crew members of LJ919, i found a link to what his a very detailed history of the pilot's career. if you click on the link above and then click on view digital copy to the top right it...