1945 Norway SAS and 1st Airborne (and US forces) War Criminal Hunting

SBS In World War Two
By Godfrey Basil Courtney
Chindit Column
By Charles Carfrae


Has anyone seen this video of British and US forces in Norway dealing with German POWs? Can anyone put names to faces? Is the "portly" chap with the moustache ROY URQUHART ? Does anyone have any details about personnel involved? I know my Grandfather was there from May to August with 2SAS. In fact, I'm 99.5% convinced he is the Sergeant that walks from the right of the screen to the centre at 8m00s to 8m07s


Thanks for any help
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Just a quick follow up. I have some documentation that states that after landing at Stavanger on 15/16th May 1945, they moved to Kristiansund in the South, but after a few weeks 2SAS moved to Bergen on a prison ship and then were accommodated in a school. After 6 weeks, they began processing the surrendered Germans at a camp on the outskirts of Bergen. This all ties in with the date of the video. Can anyone confirm the location of the camp in the video more precisely?

Thanks again for any help