2/10 commando squadron

2/10th Commando Squadron
2/10th Commando Squadron
The 2/10th Commando Squadron was a commando unit raised by the Australian Army for service in World War II. Raised in 1944, the unit saw action late in the war against the Japanese during the Aitape–Wewak campaign. During this campaign the squadron carried out a number of tasks including long-range patrols, flank protection and area defence. Later in the campaign the 2/10th were used to spearhead an amphibious assault landing at Dove Bay, east of Wewak before being used as line infantry during the final 'mopping up' stages of the campaign. Following the end of the war the unit was disbanded.
  1. AUSTRALIAN COMMANDOS Cater, Rex Bowring

    SURNAME Cater FORENAME Rex Bowring UNIT 2/10 Commando Squadron RANK Lieutenant NUMBER NX13276 DATE OF DEATH 20th February 1945 AGE 28 GRAVESITE Lae War Cemetery,Papua New Guinea HH.D.5 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION born 23.7.1916 Wellington,New South Wales son of Mars Gerald...
  2. AUSTRALIAN COMMANDOS Martin, Gordon John

    SURNAME Martin FORENAME Gordon John UNIT 2/10 Commando Squadron (B Troop) RANK Lieutenant NUMBER VX64564 DATE OF DEATH 25th June 1945 AGE 32 GRAVESITE Lae War Cemetery,Papua New Guinea GG.D.12 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION born 7.5.1913 Melbourne,Victoria son of Gordon Francis...
  3. AUSTRALIAN COMMANDOS Somerset, Raglan FitzRoy

    SURNAMESomerset FORENAMERaglan FitzRoy UNIT2/10 Commando Squadron RANKCorporal NUMBERQX53893 AWARDMention in Despatches PLACESW Pacific ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONborn 21.2.1925 Manly,New South Wales son of FitzRoy Raglan and Alma Lauderdale (nee Maitland) Somerset graduated as Bachelor of Surgery...
  4. AUSTRALIAN COMMANDOS Hobson, Keven Gordon

    SURNAME Hobson FORENAME Keven Gordon UNIT 2/10 Commando Squadron RANK Trooper NUMBER NX4595 DATE OF DEATH 13th March 1945 AGE 27 GRAVESITE Lae War Cemetery,Papua New Guinea TT.C.7 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION born 10.2.1918 Young,New South Wales son of Henry Thomas and Mary...
  5. George Stuart

    George Stuart

    George Claude Stuart Lance Corporal NX580 2/10 Commando Squadron born 13.2.1915 Murrumburrah,New South Wales enlisted 3.11.1939 Ashfield,New South Wales discharged 9.10.1945 as Sergeant photo courtesy of John Kennett
  6. AUSTRALIAN COMMANDOS Brown, William Thomas

    SURNAME Brown FORENAME William Thomas UNIT 2/10 Commando Squadron RANK Sergeant NUMBER WX1159 DATE OF DEATH 12th March 1945 AGE 30 GRAVESITE Lae War Cemetery, Papua New Guinea TT.C.5 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION born 05.04.1914, Albany, Western Australia, Australia son of...