45 commando

After reforming and retitling, the unit transitioned to the Commando role as a formed unit, by-passing the individual volunteer and selection process undertaken by Army Commando candidates. Personnel undertook, and completed, the Commando Basic Training Course at Achnacarry, Scotland. As part of the 1st Special Service Brigade, the Commando participated in Operation Overlord (the D-Day Normandy landings), before going on to move through Europe into Germany, including Brachterbeek on 23 January 1945. During the Ardennes Offensive, the retitled 1st Commando Brigade was given the task of holding a stretch of the River Meuse; it was during this period of operations that Lance Corporal H. Harden, a medical orderly of the RAMC attached to 45 (RM) Commando, won the Victoria Cross.
  1. RM CDOS Burton, Francis G.

    SURNAMEBurton FORENAMEFrancis G. UNIT45 Commando (HQ Troop) RANKLance Corporal NUMBERPLY/X 105925 AWARDMilitary Medal PLACEN.W.Europe 1945 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
  2. RM CDOS Brown, Albert

    SURNAME Brown FORENAME Albert UNIT 45 Commando RANK Corporal NUMBER PO/X 4113 AWARD Military Medal PLACE Normandy 1944 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION London Gazette 36676, 25th August 1944, Page 4008
  3. RM CDOS Bennett, Henry

    SURNAME Bennett FORENAME Henry UNIT 40 and 45 Commandos RANK Troop Sergeant Major NUMBER CH/X 512 AWARD Military Medal PLACE N.W.Europe 1944-45 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
  4. RM CDOS Beaven, Harwood Frederick George

    SURNAMEBeaven FORENAMEHarwood Frederick George UNIT40 and 45 Commandos RANKCompany Sergeant Major NUMBERPLY/X 458 AWARDMilitary Medal PLACEN.W.Europe 1944-45 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
  5. RM CDOS Beadle, Ian Nigel Neville

    SURNAMEBeadle FORENAMEIan Nigel Neville UNIT45 Commando (E Troop) RANKMajor NUMBER AWARDMilitary Cross PLACENormandy 1944 ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONWIA twice June 1944
  6. RM CDOS Wright, Alfred

    SURNAME Wright FORENAME Alfred UNIT 45 Commando RANK Marine NUMBER PO/X 3893 DATE OF DEATH 7th June 1944 AGE 22 GRAVESITE Ranville War Cemetery,France IA.E.5 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION son of James and Edith Wright,Dagenham,Essex died Normandy
  7. RM CDOS Winston, Peter Stanley

    SURNAME Winston FORENAME Peter Stanley UNIT 45 Commando RANK Lieutenant NUMBER DATE OF DEATH 28th January 1945 AGE 20 GRAVESITE Nederweert War Cemetery,Netherlands IV.F.1 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION son of John Henry Ernest and Winifred Winston,Sanderstead,Surrey died Holland
  8. RM CDOS Wilson, William Allan

    SURNAME Wilson FORENAME William Allan UNIT 45 Commando RANK Sergeant NUMBER EX/4194 DATE OF DEATH 30th April 1945 AGE 26 GRAVESITE Hamburg Cemetery,Germany 8A.D.5 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION son of James Lang and Mary Syme Wilson,Johnstone,Renfrewshire husband of Mary...
  9. RM CDOS Wilson, Sidney William

    SURNAME Wilson FORENAME Sidney William UNIT 45 Commando RANK Marine NUMBER CH/X 110612 DATE OF DEATH 20th January 1946 AGE 21 GRAVESITE Cambridge City Cemetery,Cambridgeshire Grave 8453 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION son of James Arthur and Laura Wilson,Cambridge died of...
  10. RM CDOS Williams, Robert

    SURNAME Williams FORENAME Robert UNIT 45 Commando RANK Marine NUMBER PLY/X 106817 DATE OF DEATH 6th June 1944 AGE 21 GRAVESITE Plymouth Naval Memorial,Devon Panel 92 Column 2 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION son of Ellis Thomas and Margaret Elizabeth Williams,Denbigh KIA Normandy
  11. RM CDOS Wild, Frank

    SURNAME Wild FORENAME Frank UNIT 45 Commando RANK Marine NUMBER CH/X 101138 DATE OF DEATH 28th January 1945 AGE 32 GRAVESITE Nederweert War Cemetery,Netherlands IV.F.8 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION son of George Thomas and Ada Isobel Wild,Lee,London died Holland
  12. RM CDOS Wilcox, Reginald Alan

    SURNAME Wilcox FORENAME Reginald Alan UNIT 45 Commando RANK Marine NUMBER PO/X 102113 DATE OF DEATH 21st August 1944 AGE 24 GRAVESITE La Delivrande War Cemetery,France I.D.6 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION son of Henry Lawrence and Edith Beatrice Wilcox,West...
  13. RM CDOS White, Ronald Douglas

    SURNAME White FORENAME Ronald Douglas UNIT 45 Commando RANK Sergeant NUMBER PO/X 1898 DATE OF DEATH 18th June 1944 AGE 26 GRAVESITE Ranville War Cemetery,France IIA.J.7 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION son of Charles James and Eleanor White,Carshalton,Surrey died Normandy
  14. RM CDOS White, Brian Granville

    SURNAME White FORENAME Brian Granville UNIT 45 Commando RANK Captain NUMBER DATE OF DEATH 20th August 1944 AGE 28 GRAVESITE Ranville War Cemetery,France IA.M.1 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION son of A.Granville and Agnes G.White,Chaldon,Surrey husband of Theo Hallam...
  15. RM CDOS Whitaker, Frank

    SURNAME Whitaker FORENAME Frank UNIT 45 Commando RANK Marine NUMBER CH/X 3815 DATE OF DEATH 6th June 1944 AGE 19 GRAVESITE Ste Marie Cemetery,Le Havre,France Divn 67 Row I Grave 6 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION son of Frank and Ellen Ann Whitaker,Burnley,Lancashire KIA Normandy
  16. RM CDOS Wharton, James Daniel

    SURNAME Wharton FORENAME James Daniel UNIT 45 Commando RANK Colour Sergeant NUMBER EX/4271 DATE OF DEATH 7th April 1945 AGE GRAVESITE Hanover War Cemetery,Germany 7.K.6 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION died Germany
  17. RM CDOS Watson, John Arthur (Spot)

    SURNAME Watson FORENAME John Arthur (Spot) UNIT 45 Commando (A Troop) RANK Corporal NUMBER EX/4269 DATE OF DEATH 7th June 1944 AGE 26 GRAVESITE Plymouth Naval Memorial,Devon Panel 102 Column 3 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION son of Arthur and Hannah Isabel Watson KIA Normandy
  18. RM CDOS Watson, Gilbert

    SURNAME Watson FORENAME Gilbert UNIT 45 Commando RANK Marine NUMBER CH/X 114698 DATE OF DEATH 6th June 1944 AGE 19 GRAVESITE Bayeux War Cemetery,France XI.C.9 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION son of David and Annie Watson,Highfield,Co.Durham KIA Normandy High Spen,Gateshead War...
  19. RM CDOS Walker, James

    SURNAME Walker FORENAME James UNIT 45 Commando RANK Marine NUMBER EX/3379 DATE OF DEATH 8th June 1944 AGE 24 GRAVESITE Ranville War Cemetery,France IA.F.5 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION husband of Hessie Walker,Paisley,Renfrewshire "J.W.Walker" (45 Commando Roll of Honour) died...
  20. RM CDOS Wale, Frederick Edward

    SURNAME Wale FORENAME Frederick Edward UNIT 45 Commando RANK Marine NUMBER PO/X 120575 DATE OF DEATH 23rd January 1945 AGE 19 GRAVESITE Nederweert War Cemetery,Netherlands IV.F.12 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION son of J.S. and Mrs Wale,Yattendon,Berkshire died Holland