bell uh-1h huey (67-17594)

In the early evening of 23 June 1970 a UH-1 Huey (s/n 67-17594) of the 162nd Assault Helo Company departed Ca Mau Airfield on an administrative run to Can Tho Army Air Field. At about 6:40 PM the aircraft suffered suspected mechanical failure of the main rotor system. The main rotor blades sheared through the cockpit and the mast sheared just below the main rotor head, separating from the aircraft at an approximate altitude of 1500 feet. The aircraft, with the tail rotor still intact and the engine running, began to spin, impacting the ground with both vertical and circular momentum. All twelve people aboard died in the crash:
Aircrew UH-1H 67-17594 (162nd AHC, 13th Avn Bn)
WO Lawrence M. Moore, East Point, GA, pilot;
WO Daniel J. Hallows, Holland, NY, copilot;
SP5 Dennis J. Dillon, San Marcos, CA, crew chief; and
PFC James W. Lenz, Milwaukee, WI, gunner.

HM2 Harold L. Linville, Reno, NV, RIVRON 15, TF 117;
MM2 Richard J. Solano, Palo Alto, CA, SEAL Team 1, TF 116;
SM3 John S. Durlin, Lake City, PA, SEAL Team 1, TF 116;
BM3 James R. Gore, Sunburst, MT, SEAL Team 1, TF 116;
SN John J. Donnelly, Philadelphia, PA, SEAL Team 1, TF 116;
SN Thomas R. Brown, St Paul, MN, Det Nha Be, NAVSUPACT Saigon;
FN Toby A. Thomas, Brentwood, MO, SEAL Team 1, TF 116; and
One civilian, name unknown.
  1. SEALS Thomas, Toby Arthur

    SURNAME Thomas FORENAME Toby Arthur UNIT U.S.N. Seal Team 1 RANK Fireman NUMBER 490544512 DATE OF DEATH 23rd June 1970 AGE 21 GRAVESITE St Paul's Churchyard,Affton,St Louis County,Missouri ADDITIONAL INFORMATION from Brentwood,Missouri born 4.5.1949 Brentwood,Missouri...
  2. SEALS Solano, Richard John,Jr

    SURNAME Solano FORENAME Richard John,Jr (Rick) UNIT U.S.N. Seal Team 1 RANK Machinists Mate Second Class NUMBER 564749647 DATE OF DEATH 23rd June 1970 AGE 22 GRAVESITE Golden Gate National Cemetery,San Bruno,California Section N Site 489 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION from Palo...
  3. SEALS Gore, James Raymond (Jim)

    SURNAME Gore FORENAME James Raymond (Jim) UNIT U.S.N. Seal Team 1 RANK Boatswains Mate Third Class NUMBER 520506525 DATE OF DEATH 23rd June 1970 AGE 23 GRAVESITE Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery,San Diego,California Section C Site 180-1 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION from...
  4. SEALS Durlin, John Stewart

    SURNAME Durlin FORENAME John Stewart UNIT U.S.N. Seal Team 1 RANK Signalman Third Class (SM3) NUMBER 181400030 DATE OF DEATH 23rd June 1970 AGE 21 GRAVESITE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION from Lake City,Pennsylvania born 1.6.1949 Pennsylvania single entered service 1968 BUD/S...
  5. SEALS Donnelly, John Joseph III

    SURNAME Donnelly FORENAME John Joseph III UNIT U.S.N. Seal Team 1 RANK Seaman Radioman (RMSN) NUMBER 209400696 DATE OF DEATH 23rd June 1970 AGE 20 GRAVESITE Holy Cross Cemetery,Yeadon,Delaware County,Pennsylvania Section K Range 4 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION from...