douglas ac-47d spooky (43-39540)

Douglas AC-47D Spooky (Registration : 43-39540)
The Secret Hunters
By Anthony Kemp, Prince Yurka Galitzine
On 3 April 1969 the squadron experienced the loss of one of its two C-47 43-39540 and its crew. Maj Paul C. Jones was the instructor pilot, Capt Randolph S. Crammer was the copilot, and SSgt Donald J. Bissell was the flight engineer. The aircraft was on an instrument training flight and had departed Sembach AB for Ramstein AB when the accident occurred. From eyewitness accounts, the plane entered a steep nose low spin at approximately 1,700 feet and impacted the ground. Post-crash investigation revealed that the vertical stabilizer on the C-47 had collapsed, thus putting the aircraft into a condition from which the crew could not recover.
  1. AIR COMMANDO 2 Bissell, Donald James

    SURNAME Bissell FORENAME Donald James UNIT 7 Special Operations Squadron RANK Staff Sergeant NUMBER AF12671736 DATE OF DEATH 3rd April 1969 AGE 30 GRAVESITE Rippleside Cemetery, Greater London, UK ADDITIONAL INFORMATION born 12.08.1938 Romford, Greater London, UK 27.12.1962...
  2. AIR COMMANDO 2 Crammer, Randolph S.

    SURNAME Crammer FORENAME Randolph S. UNIT 7 Special Operations Squadron RANK Captain NUMBER DATE OF DEATH 3rd April 1969 AGE GRAVESITE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION co-pilot C-47 43-39540 crashed Germany
  3. AIR COMMANDO 2 Jones, Paul Christopher

    SURNAME Jones FORENAME Paul Christopher UNIT 7 Special Operations Squadron RANK Major NUMBER DATE OF DEATH 3rd April 1969 AGE 35 GRAVESITE Foresthill Community Cemetery, Foresthill, California, USA ADDITIONAL INFORMATION born 28.06.1933 Arkansas, USA father Artie Paul Jones...